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Tennessee Visitor Lauds Local "Base-ball, Shinny, Baste Grounds"

Salience Peripheral
Tags Pre-modern Rules
City/State/Country: Chattanooga, TN, United States
Game Base Ball, Baste Ball
Immediacy of Report Contemporary
Age of Players Unknown


"Chattanooga possesses some advantages that sister towns cannot boast of.  For base-ball, shinny, baste grounds and shanty buildings, she can not be surpassed."

(Attributed to a visiting editor of the Cleveland Banner.)




Knoxville Press and Messenger, March 18, 1874, page 5 


As of February 2017, data on early ballplaying in the Chattanooga area are sparse.  They include five accounts of soldierly play during the Civil War and brief mentions of area base ball clubs after the war

Protoball believes "shinny" to be a game resembling field hockey and ice hockey, and not a baserunning game.

Protoball has only two other reports of the game of "baste" in a Princeton student's diary in 1786 and in a biography of Benjamin Harrison on his teenage activities in the Cincinnati area.  A good guess is that baste was a variant spelling of "base," a base ball precursor.

The Cleveland Banner is a newspaper in Cleveland TN.



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Submitted by "Mark Marksman"
Submission Note Via Email from John Thorn, 2/15/2017


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