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Pre-pro Baseball > United States > Tennessee 65 Games and 132 Clubs

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65 Games and 132 Clubs

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Type / Page Club / Match Date City Borough State First in
Club Wickersham Base Ball Club of Memphis 1860-01-26 Memphis TN TN
Ballgame 1860-07 Nashville TN TN
Ballgame 1863 Murfreesboro TN Murfreesboro, TN
Club Lookout Club of Chattanooga 1865 Chattanooga TN Chattanooga, TN
Ballgame Lookout Club of Chattanooga v Lookout Club of Chattanooga 20 - 24 1866-03-02 Chattanooga TN Chattanooga, TN
Club Rock City Base Ball Club of Nashville 1866-04-14 Nashville TN Nashville, TN
Ballgame Rock City Base Ball Club of Nashville v Cumberland Base Ball Club of Nashville 27 - 52 1866-06-21 East Nashville TN East Nashville, TN
Ballgame R.E. Lee Club of Memphis v Pride of the South Club of Memphis 33 - 30 1866-11-18 Memphis TN Memphis, TN
Club Club of Athens 1867 Athens TN Athens, TN
Club Sewanee Base Ball Club 1867-02-21 Sewanee TN Sewanee, TN
Ballgame City Club of Knoxville v Holston Club of Knoxville 1867-05 Knoxville TN Knoxville, TN
Club Sturm Club of Tazewell 1867-05-01 Tazewell TN Tazewell, TN
Club City Club of Knoxville 1867-05 Knoxville TN Knoxville, TN
Club Club of Greeneville 1867 Greeneville TN Greeneville, TN
Club Club of Fayetteville 1867-07-25 Fayetteville TN Fayetteville, TN
Ballgame Mountain City Club of Chattanooga v Holston Club of Knoxville 1867-09-21 Athens TN Athens, TN
Club Club of Germantown 1868 Germantown TN Germantown, TN
Club Arlington Club of South Nashville 1868 South Nashville TN South Nashville, TN
Club Crescent Club of Humboldt 1868 Humboldt TN Humboldt, TN
Club Lightfoots Club of Clarksville 1868-05 Clarksville TN Clarksville, TN
Club Saxons Club of Huntingdon 1868-07 Huntingdon TN Huntingdon, TN
Club Club of Trenton TN 1868-08 Trenton TN Trenton, TN
Club Columbia BBC 1870-03-25 Columbia TN Columbia, TN
Ballgame Lightfoots Club of Clarksville v Nashville Base Ball Club 37 - 30 1870-06-13 Clarksville TN Clarksville, TN
Ballgame 1870-07-25 Jonesboro TN Jonesboro, TN
Club Lebanon, University 1871-05 Lebanon TN Lebanon, TN
Club Club of Oak Hill 1874 Oak Hill TN Oak Hill, TN
Club Invincibles Club of Norris Creek 1874-04 Norris Creek TN Norris Creek, TN
Club Stars Club of Grand Junction 1875 Grand Junction TN Grand Junction, TN
Club Bolivar BBC 1875 Bolivar TN Bolivar, TN
Club Excelsiors Club of La Grange 1875 La Grange TN La Grange, TN
Club Club of Lafayette TN 1875 Lafayette TN Lafayette, TN
Club Club of Moscow 1875-06 Moscow TN Moscow, TN
Club Actives Club of Lynchburg 1875-08-13 Lynchburg TN Lynchburg, TN
Club Pulaski Colored Rifles 1876 Pulaski TN Pulaski, TN
Club Club of Paris 1876-09 Paris TN Paris, TN

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