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Southern Brigade’s Play Base . . . Somewhere

Salience Peripheral
Tags Civil War, Military
Location TN
City/State/Country: Murfreesboro, TN, United States
Immediacy of Report Retrospective
Age of Players Adult

“On Christmas Day 1862 the officers of Manigault’s brigade had a footrace, and afterward the colonels ‘chose sides from among the officers and men to play base[ball].’”

Larry J. Daniel, Soldiering in the Army of Tennessee: A Portrait of Life in a Confederate Army (U of North Carolina Press, 1991), page 90. Daniel evidently attributes this quotation of a letter from James Hall to his father, December 25, 1862. His treatment of the name of the game, “base[ball], implies that the original letter read “base.” Manigault’s Brigade formed in Corinth, MS, in April 1862, comprising two South Carolina regiments and three from Alabama. We do not know the location of the brigade in December 1862, when Manigault was apparently elevated from colonel of the 10th SC to lead the brigade.


The brigade was near Murfreesboro, TN on 12-25-62. [ba]

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The brigade was near Murfreesboro, TN on 12-25-62. [ba]