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Date Saturday, December 6, 1890

Negotiations were resumed between the two Brooklyn clubs during the week, a meeting of the conference committees being held on Tuesday last, after which it was announced that the club had practically agreed upon terms. The difficulty hitherto had been over the grounds, the Brooklyn Players' club people insisting upon the consolidated team playing at Eastern Park, in order to further their real estate interest, which to them were far more important than their base ball interests.

The Brooklyn League people solved the trouble by proposing that they be given a controlling interest, say $30,000 in stock out of a capital of $40,000, in the consolidated club, in return for which they would give up Washington Park and play at Eastern Park. In plain terms, they proposed to absorb the Players' League club in return for vacating Washington Park, otherwise they would consolidate on equal terms and play at Washington Park. By this method of settlement the Brooklyn League people were virtually to secure the controlling interest in the Brooklyn Players' Club without putting out a cent in actual cash, while the Brooklyn Players' people would have no club, but would have somebody else's team play at their park and benefit from the increased railroad business which they control. The Sporting Life December 6, 1890

The two Brooklyn clubs are as yet no nearer a satisfactory settlement than they were a month ago, and the outlook for consolidation is not particularly bright. From an inside source we learn that Director Linton has the whip hand now in the matter, and that unless things go his way they consolidation deal will fail and the Brooklyn Players' Club remain as a separate organization either in the American Association or the rejuvenated Players' League. The Sporting Life December 13, 1890

Source Sporting Life
Submitted by Richard Hershberger
Origin Initial Hershberger Clippings


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