Ballgame in Cleveland in 1857

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Date of Game 1857
Location Cleveland, OH, United States
NY Rules Unknown

From Protoball Entry #1857.7 – Daily Base Ball Games [NY-Style] Found in Public Square in Cleveland?

“Base Ball at Cleveland -- This truly national game is daily played in the public square, and one of the city authorities decided that there was law against it. When appealed to, he quietly informed the players that there was no law against ball-playing there . . . The crowd sent up a shout and renewed the game, which continued until dark.”

Query: Do we know what details led Porter’s to conclude that the Association game had reached Cleveland OH? Others have dated the arrival in Ohio of the Association game to 1864.


Porter’s Spirit of the Times, April 18, 1857. Facsimile contributed by Gregory Christiano, December 2, 2009.

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