Withall's Side v English's Side on 30 May 1868

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Date of Game Saturday, May 30, 1868
Location Little Rock, AR, United States
Field  Add Field Page Rock City Grounds
Home Team  Add Club Page Withall's Side
Away Team  Add Club Page English's Side
Score 39 - 34
Innings 6

As reported by the Arkansas Morning Republican on June 3rd, 1868:

"The match game between the two pick nines from the Dixie and Rock City Base Ball Clubs was played on Saturday afternoon at the grounds of the latter club, at the head of Scott street. Quite a number of spectators were present witnessing the game --more, we believe than we have seen in attendance at any match game heretofore in our city. The result of the game was as follows.

Withall's side: 39

English's side: 34

An idea seems prevalent that this was a game was a match between the first nines of each club, this is erroneous, as will be seen from reference to the score, English's side being comprised of five players from the Dixie and four of the Rock City, while Withall's side was made up in a like manner -- with four players from Dixie and four from Rock City. Good feelings predominated on both sides during the continuance of the game, and nothing occurred to create any discord."

NOTE: Our presumption is that the Dixie and Rock City clubs were Little Rock organizations.


Arkansas Morning Republican on June 3rd, 1868

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Found by Caleb Hardwick
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