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Game Waggles
Game Family Baseball Baseball
Regions Britain
Eras 1800s
Invented No

"A game of tip-cat.  Four boys stand the corners of a large paving-stone; two have sticks, the other two are feeders, and throw the piece of wood called a 'cat.'  The batters act much in he same way as in cricket, except that the cat must be hit whilst in the air.  The batter hits it as far away as possible, and whilst the feeder is fetching it, gets, if possible, a run, which counts to his side.  If either of the cats fall to the ground [being missed by the batter?] both batters go out, and the feeders take their place."


Alice Bertha Gomme, The Traditional Games of England, Scotland, and Ireland (New York; Dover, 1964 – reprinted from two volumes printed in 1894 and 1898), page 329.


A web search for "waggles england" in 2017 returns only the 1898 Gomme citation of the game.

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