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Game Trunket
Game Family Baseball Baseball
Regions Britain
Eras Predecessor, 1800s
Invented No

Gomme's compilation (1898) includes the game of Trunket, played with short sticks, and using a hole instead of wickets.  

"The ball being 'cop'd', instead of bowled or trickled on the ground, it is played in he same way [as cricket]; the person striking the ball must be caught out, or the ball must be deposited in the hole before the stick or cudgel  can be placed there."

This implies to Protoball that the batter runs bases after hitting the ball.  


Alice Bertha Gomme, The Traditional Games of England, Scotland, and Ireland (New York; Dover, 1964 – reprinted from two volumes printed in 1894 and 1898), page 310.


No detail is supplied on the parts of of Britain that have known this game, nor the era it was played.

A 2017 search for "Trunket" returns a lone century-old source:  "A game at ball, having short sticks and a hole in the ground instead of a wicket. --Walter Rye's A Glossary of Words Used in East Anglia, 1895. 

East Anglia is found in easternmost England; Norfolk and Suffolk are there.


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