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Game Trap Ball
Game Family Fungo Fungo
Eras Predecessor
Description Trap ball is one of the earliest known ball games. Its distinguishing characteristic is the use of a “trap,” a mechanical device that, when triggered by a batter, lofts the ball to a height at which it may be struck. Most forms of trap ball do not involve running or bases; to the modern eye, it is a fungo-type game. Trap ball commonly used foul territory to define balls that were in play, where the “play” involved the catching and tossing back of the ball toward the batter. Trap ball persists today in Kent, England, as a tavern game.



446 days ago
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Trap Ball is mentioned in the London, England, Public Advertiser, Nov. 15, 1766, May 14 and July 28, 1767.


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The first American mention I've found is in the New York Evening Post, Sept. 13, 1811, which reports that Sept. 14th "the game of English trap ball, fully as amusing as cricket, and the exercise not so violent" will be played at "Dyde's Military Grounds" "up the Broadway."


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"Dyde's Military Grounds" appears to be the City Hall Park that exists today, at Broadway and Ann. At the time, it had been used as a military parade ground. Dyde's London Hotel was adjacent to the park, as was the Park Theater.

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