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Game Top Degenegi
Game Family Baseball Baseball
Location Syria
Regions Rest of World
Invented No

The English version of a (Syrian?) website includes the following text under the heading "Top Degenegi:"  

"Top Degenegi was similar to the American game of baseball.  To play, one needed a thick bat and a ball, which was usually made using bits of rag tied together with colorful string.  Two teams are formed, and they stand at a distance from one another.  Like in baseball, one team pitches and the other bats.  The batter has to hit the ball back in the direction of the pitching team, whose members must then try to catch the ball before it hits the ground."


This text is found on the website as of 6/6/2017. A search for <top degenegi ourfa> returns the site.

This source was reported by Bruce Allardice, email of 6/6/2017.



This game:


[] appears to have pitching, batting and fielding, but neither bases or baserunning is not mentioned

[] may or may be be played now



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