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Game Tennisball
Game Family Baseball Baseball
Regions US
Eras Derivative, Contemporary
Invented No

A "Backyard Tennisball League" is found on Youtube as of September 2018.

This league of teenagers plays a 14-game season with playoffs.  Teams are up to 5 players, and the scoreboard reflects 4-inning games. The league is described as originated in 2011.

A list of 27 rules floats down the screen.  It includes a "peg rule", which may or may not imply plugging runners to make outs.  Stealing of 2B and 3B is allowed.  Knees-to chin strike zone (no umpire depicted).   Ground rules for "left field trees" and right field tree."  Apparent limits on pitch speed.  Grassy field.  No mention of use of imaginary runners.

Clips suggest wide borrowing from baseball - 4 bases, a skin pitching area, ordinary bats (wooden only), ordinary tennis balls, an outfield fence, throws to first by fielders to retire batters.  We see the hidden-ball trick and a runner-fielder collision at home plate.

The location of this league is not indicated.


Or try search of <tennisball league youtube>  [it works 9/10/2018]



We welcome more information on this or other backyard ballgames. 


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