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Title Author Date State City Online Link Origins Study Group
'Balls Days' in the Year AD 1858 Chadwick, H. 1868 link
'Knur and Spell' and Allied Games Atkinson, F. 1963
'Many Exciting Chases After the Ball: 19th Century Base Ball in Bismarck, Dakota Territory' Bohn, Terry 2014 ND Bismarck
'Old Fashioned Base Ball' in Western New York, 1825-1860 Astifan, Priscilla and Larry McCray 2008 NY
'The Father of Baseball': A Biography of Henry Chadwick Schiff, A. J. 2007
'The Making of a New York Folk Hero' Thorn, John 2015 link
'Their Hands Are All Out Playing:' Business and Amateur Baseball, 1845-1917 Gelber, S. M. 1984
100 Years of Baseball: the Intimate and Dramatic Story of Modern Baseball From the Game's Beginnings Up to the Present Day Allen, L. 1950
100 Years of Buffalo Baseball Overfield, J. M. 1985 NY Buffalo
150 Years of Baseball Rucker, M., and Stephen Hanks 1989
1609: Polish WorkersPlat Ball at Jamestown, Virginia: An Early Hint of Europe's Influence On Base BallCountry=United States Block, David 2011
1609 -- Polish Workers Play Ball at Jamestown, Virginia: An Early Hint of Europe's Influence On Base Ball Block, David 2011
1621 -- Pilgrim Stolball an the Profusion of American Safe-Haven BallgamesCountry=United States Turner, Brian and Larry McCray 2011
1672 -- The Amazing Francis Willugby, and the Role of Stoolball in the Evolution of Baseball and Cricket McCray, Larry 2011
1726 -- Ballplaying and Boston Common: A Town Playground for Boys . . . And Men Turner, Brian 2011 MA Boston
1744 -- 'How Is It, Umpire?' The 1744 Laws of Cricket and Their Influence on the Development of Baseball in America Hise, Beth 2011
1744 -- John Newbery Publishes 'A Little Pocket Book,' and with it Our First Glimpse of English Baseball Block, David 2011
1755 -- 'The Bat and Ball;' A Distinct Game or a Generic Term? Turner, Brian 2011 MA
1781 -- Protoball at Harvard: From Pastime to Contest Lewis, Harry 2011 MA Cambridge
1791 -- The Pittsfield 'Baseball' Bylaw -- What it Means Thorn, John 2011 MA Pittsfield
1791 And All That; Baseball and the Berkshires Thorn, J. 2007
1805 -- An Enigmatic 1805 'Game of Bace' in New York Thompson, George 2011 NY Manhattan
1821 -- New York Mansion Converted to Venue Suitable for Ballplaying Hershberger, Richard 2011
1823 -- Game of Baseball Reported in 'National Advocate' Thompson, George 2011
1825 -- Thurlow Weed and the Growth of Baseball in Rochester, New York Astifan, Priscilla 2011 NY Rochester
1829 -- The Rise and Fall of New England-Style Ballplaying McCray, Larry 2011 MA
1830 -- Thoreau's Diary Entry and Other Tiny Clues as to Who Played Early Ball McCray, Larry 2011
1831 -- The Olympic Ball Club of Philadelphia Hershberger, Richard 2011 PA Philadelphia
1837 -- William Wheaton and the Evolution of the New York Game Brown, Randall 2011
1841 -- Barn Ball Altherr, Thomas 2011
1843 -- Magnolia Club Predates the Knickerbocker Thorn, John 2011 NY Manhattan
1845 -- Baseball in Brooklyn, 1845 - 1870 Dyte, David 2011 NY Brooklyn
1845 -- The Knickerbocker Rules, and the Long History of the One-Bounce Fielding Rule McCray, Larry 2011
1850 -- Southern Ball-Games Altherr, Thomas 2011
1853 -- The Baseball Press Emerges Thorn, John 2011
1854 -- William Van Cott Writes a Letter to the Sporting Press Ryczek, William 2011
1856 -- The New York Game in 1856: Poised for a National Launch McCray, Larry 2011
1857 -- Nine Innings, Nine Players, Ninety Feet and Other Changes: The Recodification of Baseball Rules in 1857 Miklich, Eric 2011
1858 -- Diffusion of the New York Game in Maryland Payne, Marty 2011 MD
1858 -- The Changes Wrought by the Great Base Ball Match of 1858 Schaefer, Robert 2011
1859 -- State Championship Wicket Game in Connecticut: A Hearty Hurrah for a Doomed Pastime McCray, Larry 2011 CT
1860 -- Atlantics and Excelsiors Compete for the 'Championship' Waff, Craig 2011
1860 -- The 'Sunday Mercury' Summarizes the 1860 Season Tholkes, Robert 2011
1862 -- American Cricket in the 1860s Hise, Beth 2011
1863 -- On the Battlefront, the New York Game Takes Hold Millen, Patricia 2011
19th Century Baseball in Chicago Rucker, M., and John Freyer 2003 IL Chicago
200 Years of Sport in America: A Pageant of a Nation at Play Twombly, W. 1976
A Ball Player’s Career Anson, A. C. 1900 link
A Baseball Album Couzens, G. S. 1980
A Brief History of American Sports Gorn, E., and Warren Goldstein 1993
A Brief History of Baseball Richter, F. C. 1909
A Century of Baseball Doubleday, A. 1939
A Century of Philadelphia Cricket Lester, J. A. 1951 PA Philadelphia
A Concise History of Cricket Butler, S. H. 1946
A Critical Examination of a Source on Early Ontario Baseball: The Reminiscence of Adam E. Ford Bouchier, N. B., and R. K. Barney 1988
A Game of Inches: The Stories Behind the Innovations That Shaped Baseball Morris, P. 2006
A Grassroots History of Baseball: Days of the Rosewood Bat and the Silver Ball Staats, Richard 2003 OH
A History of Australian Baseball: Time and Game Clark, J. 2003
A History of Baseball in the San Francisco Bay Area unknown 1985 CA San Francisco
A History of CricketCountry= Green, B. 1988
A History of Cricket Ross, G. 1972
A History of Scranton Professional Baseball 1865-1953 Petula, Nickolas 1992 PA Scranton
A History of the Boston Baseball Club Twohey, George 1897 MA Boston
A Manly Pastime -- A Blog by John Zinn Zinn, John NJ link
A New Perspective on Mexican Baseball Origins Gonzalez, C. 2007
A Peek into the Pocket-Book Block, D. 2008
A Place Leavel Enough to Play Ball: Baseball and Baseball-Type Games in the Colonial Era, Revolutionary War, and Early American Republic. Altherr, T. L. 2000
A Plea for Base-Ball Chadwick, H. 1881
A Question of Territory. Troy’s Baseball Heritage Pietruzsa, D. 1992 NY Troy
A Reconstruction of Philadelphia Town Ball Hershberger, R. 2007 PA Philadelphia
A Short History of Baseball in Miami and Miami Beach Unknown 1992 FL Miami
A Social History of English Cricket Birley, D. 1999
A Sporting Time: New York City and the Rise of Modern Athletics, 1820-1870 Adelman, M. A. 1986 NY New York
A Stitch in Time: A Baseball Chronology, 1845 - 2000 Elston, G. 2001
A Whole New Ball Game: An Interpretation of American Sports Guttman, A. 1988
A. G. Spalding and the Rise of Baseball Levine, P. 1985
Abner Graves: The Man who Brought Baseball to Cooperstown MacDougall, Hugh 2011
America Learns to Play: A History of Popular Recreation 1607-1940Country= Dulles, F. R. 1940 link
America Through Baseball Voigt, D. Q. 1976
America's 50th Home Run Johnson, Drew 2013 HI link
American Baseball: From Gentleman’s Sport to the Commissioner System Voigt, D. Q. 1966
American Chronicle of Sports and Pastimes Chadwick, H. 1868
American Nonsinging Games Brewster, P. G. 1953
American Sports (1785-1835) Holliman, J. 1931
American Sports: From the Age of Folk Games to the Age of Spectators Rader, B. G. 1983
America’s National Game: Historic Facts Concerning the Beginnings, Evolution, Development and Popularity of Base Ball Spalding, A. G. 1911 link
America’s Sporting Heritage: 1850-1950 Betts, J. R. 1974
An Encyclopedia of Rural Sports Blaine, D. P. 1840 link
An Illustrated History of Ball Games Viney, N., and Neil Grant 1978
Annals of American Sport Krout, J. A. 1929
Annals of Cricket Read, W. W. 1897 link
Arete: Greek Sports from Ancient Sources Miller, S. G. 2004
Arkansas Baseball Encyclopedia (website) Hardwick, Caleb AR link
Arlott and Trueman on Cricket Arlott, J. a. T., F. 1977
At The Old Ball Game Casway, J. 1992
Athletic Sports in America, England, and Australia Palmer, H. C., et al. 1889 link
Athletics at Princeton: A History Presbey, F. 1901 NJ Princeton link
Ball Games: 1800-1860 Manchester, H. 1991
Ball, Bat, and Bishop: the Origin of Ball Games Henderson, R. W. 1947
Ball, Bat, and Bitumen:A History of Coalfield Baseball in the Appalachian South Sutter, L. M. 2009 WV
Balldom: A History of Baseball Morland, G. 1914
Ballparks of North America: 1845 to Present Benson, M. 1989
Barbarians, Gentlemen, and Players Dunning, E., and Kenneth Sheard 1979
Base BallCountry= Mayhew/Baker, e. 1858 link
Base Ball - Who Plays the Genuine Game? Anon. 1859
Base Ball Founders; the Clubs, Players and Cities of the Northeast that Established the Game Morris, Peter, et. al., Editors 2013
Base Ball Pioneers, 1850-1870: The Clubs and Players Who Spread the Sport Nationwide Morris, Peter, et. al., editors 2012
Base Ball Pioneers: The Clubs and Players Who Spread the Sport Nationwide Morris, Peter, et.al. 2012
Base Ball Reminiscences: Part I - The Evolution of Base Ball Anon. 1887
Base Ball in Philadelphia: A History of the Early Game, 1831-1900 Shiffert, J. 2006 PA Philadelphia
Base Ball on the Western reserve: The Early Game in Cleveland and Northeast Ohio, Year by Year and Town by Town, 1865-1900 Egan, J. M. 2008 OH Cleveland
Base Ball, 1845-1871 Church, S. R. 1902
Base ball and base ball players Roff, E. 1912 link
Base is Not Always Baseball: Prisoner's base from the 13th to 20th Centuries Altherr, Thomas 2009
Base-Ball as a Pastime and as a Business Anon. 1870
Base-Ball for the Spectator Camp, W. 1889 link
Base-ball: How to Become a Player Ward, J. M. 1888 link
Base-ball: Review of the Season of ’68, With a Chapter on the Rise, Decline, and Future Prospects of the Game Anon. 1869
BaseballCountry= Guttman, A. 1994
Baseball (1845-1881) From the Newspaper Accounts Orem, P. 1961
Baseball (Menke) Menke, F. G. 1944
Baseball (Miers) Miers, E. S. 1967
Baseball (Smith) Smith, R. 1949
Baseball -- Major Menke, F. G. 1947
Baseball Before We Knew It: A Search for the Roots of the Game Block, D. 2005
Baseball Discovered -- A one-hour Emmy-nominated Documentary on Baseball's Beginnings Marchiano, (Ms) Sam, Director 2010 link
Baseball Extra: A Newspaper History of the Glorious Game from its Beginning Collection, E. C. C. 2000
Baseball Fever: Early Baseball in Michigan Morris, P. 2003
Baseball Fever: Early Basebnall in Michigan Morris, Peter 2003 MI
Baseball History: An Annual of Original Baseball Research Levine, P., Ed. 1989
Baseball Known in Old World Under Various Names Agen, M. 1927
Baseball Legends of Brooklyn’s Greenwood Cemetery Nash, P. J. 2003
Baseball Pioneers Peter
Baseball Variants Grossinger, R. 1977
Baseball and Mr. Spalding: The History and Romance of Baseball Bartlett, A. 1951
Baseball and Richmond: A History of the Professional Game. 1884-2000 Daniel, W. Harrison 2003 VA Richmond
Baseball and Rounders Henderson, R. W. 1939
Baseball and the American Dream Durso, J. 1986
Baseball as Played By the Indians Sarchet, C. M. 1908
Baseball at Salisbury Prison Camp Sumner, J. 1989 OH
Baseball in America Knowles, R. G., and Richard Morton 1896 link
Baseball in America: An Illustrated History of Our National Pastime Smith, R. 1961
Baseball in Baltimore: The First 100 Years Bready, J. 1998 MD Baltimore
Baseball in Blue and Gray Kirsch, G. B. 2003
Baseball in Catawba County NC Peeler, Tim, and B. McLawhorn 2004 NC
Baseball in Cincinnati: A History Ellard, H. 2004 OH Cincinnati
Baseball in Columbus Tootle, James 2002 OH Columbus
Baseball in Dutchess County: When it Was a GameCountry=US Poillucci, J. V. 2001 NY
Baseball in Eau Claire (Pictoral History) Christopherson, Jason 2003 WI Eau Claire
Baseball in Florida McCarthy, Kevin 1996 FL
Baseball in Geneva Myers, Minor 1988 NY Geneva
Baseball in Illinois several IL
Baseball in Indianapolis Madden, W.C. 2003 IN Indianapolis
Baseball in Minnesota: A Definitive History Thornley, Stew 2006 MN
Baseball in New Haven Rubin, Sam 2003 CT New Haven
Baseball in Newark: Images of Baseball Cvornyek, R. L. 2003
Baseball in Old Chicago Federal Writers' Project (Illinois) 1939 IL Chicago
Baseball in Portsmouth Shampoe, Clay, and T. Garrett 2004 VA Portsmouth
Baseball in Rochester Pitoniak, Scott 2003 NY Rochester
Baseball in San Diego:From the Pares to Petco Swank, Bill 2004 CA San Diego
Baseball in South Bend Kovach, John M. 2004 IN South Bend
Baseball in Trenton unknown 2003 NJ Trenton
Baseball in its Adolescence Wittke, C. 1952
Baseball in the 19th Century Astifan, P. 1990
Baseball in the Berkshires: A County's Common Bond Overmyer, Jim, et. al tbd MA Dalton
Baseball in the Bronx, Before the Yankees Christiano, Gregory 2013 NY The Bronx
Baseball in the Garden of Eden: The Secret History of the Early Game Thorn, John 2011
Baseball in the Nineteenth Century Setzer, J. 1996
Baseball in the Seventeenth Century Barrett, P. V. 1910
Baseball in the Stone Age Mehl, E. 1948
Baseball – North American Rader, B. G. 1996
Baseball's Age of Innocence Nugent, W. H. 1925
Baseball's First Inning: A History of the National Pastime Through the Civil War Ryczek, William J. 2009
Baseball, Boosters, and the Amateur Not-for-Profit Approach to Community Sport Bouchier, N. B. 2003
Baseball: A History of America's Favorite Game Vecsey, G. 2006
Baseball: A History of America’s Game Rader, B. G. 1992
Baseball: An Illustrated History Ward, G. C., and Ken Burns 1994
Baseball: An Informal History Wallop, D. 1969
Baseball: Diamond in the Rough Leitner, I. A. 1972
Baseball: Early History to 1869 Merrifield, A. S. 1990
Baseball: Its Great Players, Teams, and Managers Danzig, A., and Joe Reichler 1959
Baseball: Its Rise and Progress Anon. 1884
Baseball: More Than 150 Years Nemec, D., and Saul Wisnia 1997
Baseball: The Early Years Seymour, H. 1960
Baseball: The People’s Game Seymour, H. 1990
Baseball; A History of the National Pastime Stewart, M. 1998
Baseball’s Roots: The Fascinating Birth of America’s Game McCulloch, R., Ed. 2000
Bat and Ball; A New Book of Cricket Moult, T., ed. 1935
Batter Up: Fort Wayne's Baseball History Parker, B. 1967 IN Fort Wayne
Batter Up: Ft. Wayne's Baeball History 1862-1967 Parker, Bob 1967 IN Fort Wayne
Battingball Games Maigaard, P. 1941
Before the Curse: The Glory Days of New England Baseball, 1858-1918 Soos, T. 1997 MA
Before the Professionals Came Irwin, W. 1909
Beginnings an d Development of the Game of Baseball Louden, G. A. 1939
Big Apple Baseball: An Illustrated History from the Burroughs to the Ballparks Frommer, H. 1995 NY New York
Black Baseball: A History of African-Americans and the National Game McNary, K. 2003
Blackguards and Red Stockings: A History of Baseball's National Association Ryczek, W. J. 1992
Book of American Pastimes, Containing a History of the Principal Base Ball, Cricket, Rowing and Yachting Clubs of the United States Peverelly, C. 1866 link
Boy’s and Girl’s Book of Sports Daniels, G. P. 1845
Bridgeport Baseball Biewala, Michael 2003 CT Bridgeport
But Didn't We Have Fun? An Informal History of Baseball's Pioneer Era, 1843-1870 Morris, P. 2008
Can We Have Our Balls Back, Please? How the British Invented Sport Norridge, J. 2008
Chapter 10. Baseball in Philadelphia (of 'Baseball's First Inning') Ryczek, William 2009 PA Philadelphia
Chapter 1: Beginnings. From Amateur Teams of Disgrace in the National League Bailey, Bob 1999 KY Louisville
Chapter 2 -- Wicket Ball: The Predecessor to 'The New York Game' Genovese, Daniel L. 2004 MA Westfield
Chapter 5, Massachusetts Peter Morris, et. al. Massachusetts Lexington
Chucking the Old Apple: Recent Discoveries of Pre-1840 North American Ball Games Altherr, T. L. 2008
City Games: The Evolution of American Urban Society and the Rise of Sports Riess, S. A. 1989
Collection of Hungarian Folk Games Hajdu, G. 1971
Concise History of Major League Baseball Koppett, L. 1998
Considerazioni ed Ipotesi Sull'origine del 'Om el Mahag' Gini, C. 1941
Cricket (Cardus) Cardus, N. 1930
Cricket Laws and Terms Scholefield, P. 1990
Cricket and All That; An Irreverent History Blofield, H. 2001
Cricket in America Blancke, C. 1891
Cricket in America, 1710-2000 Sentance, P. D. 2006
Cricket in the Forties Phillips, B. 1894
Cricket: A History of its Growth and Development throughout the World Bowen, R. 1970
Cricket: A Way of Life Martin-Jenkins, C. 1995
Cricket: History of the Game, Equipment, ... Anon 1984
Cricketing Bygones Green, S. 1982
Cricket’s Secret HistoryCountry= Hammond, W. 1952
Day-by-Day in Baseball History Moesche, C. R. 2000
Diamonds in the Coal Fields Kashatus, William PA
Diamonds in the North: A Concise History of Baseball in Canada Humber, W. 1995
Diamonds in the Rough Zoss, J., and John Bowman 1996
Diamonds in the Rough: The Untold History of Baseball Bowman, J. S., and Joel Zoss 2004
Double Century: 200 Years of Cricket in The Times Williams, M. E. 1985
Double Century: The Story of MCC and Cricket Lewis, T. 1987
Draft Chapter on Beginnings of Ballplaying in KY Bailey, Bob 1990 KY Louisville
Early American Sport: A Checklist of Books by American and Foreign Authors Published in America Prior to 1860 Henderson, R. W. 1977
Early Baseball and the Rise of the National League Melville, T. 2001
Early Baseball in Wahington, DCCountry=US Ceresi, Frank, and C. McMains TBD DC Washington
Early Club and Village Cricket Goulstone, J. 1972
Early Forms of Cricket Macgregor, R. R. 1879 "Early_Forms_of_Cricket"_Macgregor&pg=PA450#v=onepage&q="Early_Forms_of_Cricket"_Macgregor&f=false link
Early Innings: A Documentary History of Baseball 1825-1908 Sullivan, D. A., Ed. 1995
East Yorkshire Cricket 1778-1914 Howorth, P. 1995
Echoes from Old Cricket Fields Gale, F. 1871
Elysian Fields: The Birth of Baseball Gilbert, T. 1995
Email messasge, 2005 --Pre-Major Leaguers in LouisianaCountry=US Derenbecker, Sandy LA New Orleans
Encyclopedia of Traditional British Rural Sports Collins, T., et al. 2005
Encyclopedia of World Sport: From Ancient Times to the Present Levinson, D., and Karen Christopher, Ed. 1999
English Cricket: The Game and its Players Through the Ages Brookes, C. 1978
English Sports and Pastimes Hole, C. 1949
Every Boy's Book; A Complete Encyclopedia of Sports and Amusements Routledge, E., ed. 1881 link
Evolution of Baseball from 1833 Up to the Present Time Fogel, H. S. 1921
Faiths and Folklore: A Dictionary of National Beliefs, Superstitions and Popular Customs Hazlitt, W. C. 1905 link
Fast Day: Boston's Original Opening Day Hulbert, J. 2007 MA Boston
Fifty Years Reminiscences of Scottish Cricket Bene, D. D. 1898
Flannels on the Sward: History of Cricket in Americas Patel, Jayesh 2013
Francis Willughby’s Book of Games: A Seventeenth Century Treatise on Sports, Games, and Pastimes Willughby, F., and Clive L. Hardy 2003
From Cartwright to Shoeless Joe: The Warwick Compendium of Early Baseball McCulloch, R., Ed. 1998
From Pastime to Monopoly Shiffert, J. 2007
From Pastime to Passion: Baseball and the Civil War Millen, P. 2001
From Ritual to Record: The Nature of Modern Sports Guttman, A. 1978
Fun and Games in Old Europe Endrei, W., and Laszlo Zolnay 1986
Games Played with a Ball McKinnon, L. C. 1910
Games and Songs of American Children Newell, W. W. 1883 link
Games and Sports in Sixteenth- and Seventeenth-Century British Literature Brewster, P. G. 1947
Games for All Seasons Pardon, G. 1858
Gentlemen Don’t Steal Bases Wert, J. D. 1987
Gentlemen v. Players, 1806-1949 Warner, P. 1950
German Book Describes Das Englisch Base-ball: But Was It Baseball or Rounders?Country=United States Block, David 2011
Girls Just Wanted to Have Fun: Stoolball Reports in Local Newspapers, 1747 to 1866 Lusted, Andrew 2013
Glory Days of Summer; the History of Baseball in Oklahoma. Burke, Bob, et. al. 1999 OK
Glory Fades Away: The Nineteenth Century World Series Rediscovered Lansche, G. 1991
Glove Affairs: The Romance, History and Tradition of the Baseball Glove Liberman, N. 2003
Grace, Grit, and Growling: The Hartford Dark Blues Base Ball Club, 1874-1877 Arcidiacono, David 2003 CT Hartford
Green Pastures (1845-1875) Gershman, M. 1993
Guiness Cricket Firsts Brooke, R., and Peter Matthews 1988
Hambledon: The Men and the Myths Goulstone, J. 2001
Harry Wright: The Father of Professional Baseball Devine, C. 2003
Haymakers and Daisycutters: Troy and the National Pastime Puff, Richard unknown NY Troy
Henderson, Cartwright, and the 1953 US Congress Berenbak, Adam 2014 DC Washington
Henry Chadwick: The 'Father of Baseball' Was a Sportswriter Schiff, A. J. 2008
Heritage of a National Game: Social Baseball 1845-1875 Cleaver, J. D. 1965
History of Baseball in California and Pacific Coast Leagues 1847-1938; Memories of an Old Time Baseball Player Lange, F. W. 1938 CA
History of Baseball in Portland OR Anon 2009 OR Portland link
History of Cricket Gower, D. 2002
Home Front, Battle Field, and Sport During the Civil War Betts, J. R. 1971
Home Team: Professional Sports and the American Metropolis Danielson, M. N. 1997
How Baseball Began Seymour, H. 1956
How Baseball Began: The Long Overlooked Truth about the Birth of Baseball McCulloch, R. 1995
How Did Sports Begin? A Look at the Origins of Man at Play Brasch, R. 1970
How I Pitched the First Curve Cummings, C. 1997
Illustrated History of Baseball Chadwick, A. 1995
Inventing Baseball: The 100 Greatest Games of the Nineteenth Century Felber, Bill, editor 2013
It's Not Cricket; A History of Skullduggery, Sharp Practice and Downright Cheating in the Noble Game Rae, S. 2001
Johnny Antonelli: A Baseball Memoir Antonelli, Johnny 2012
Juab County (UT) Information for Students Anon UT link
Key Points in the Evolution of the Baseball from the Early 1800s to 1872 Loeffler, R. 2006
Knickerbocker Base Ball: The Birth and Infancy of the Modern Game Ivor-Campbell, F. 2007
Knickerbocker Score Books, Game Books, and Meeting Logs KBB Club NY Manhattan
Litchfield and the Old Connecticut Game of Wicket Dubois, Alexander 2018 CT Litchfield link
Long Before the Dodgers: Baseball in Brooklyn, 1855-1884 Terry, J. L. 2002 NY Brooklyn
Lords of the Realm: The Real History of Baseball Helyar, J. 1994
Major League Baseball in Gilded Age Connecticut Arcidiacono, David 2010 CT
Massachusetts (Chapter Five of Morris' "Baseball Founders") Morris, Peter 2013 MA
Massachusetts Baseball and Cricket, 1840-1870 Kirsch, G. B. 1991 MA
Mears Baseball Scrapbooks Mears, C. D. 1853 link
Memoirs of the Father of Base Ball: He Resides in New Haven and Retains an Interest in the Game Old-Timer 1896
Middleton's Seaason in the Sun: The Story of Connecticut's First Profefssional Baseball TeamCountry=US Arcidiacono, David CT Middleton
Midwest and National Base Ball in Minnesota Newspapers Thilgen, D. 2002 MN
Missionaries, Cartwright, and Spalding: The Development of Baseball in Nineteenth Century Hawaii Ardolina, Frank 2002 HI
Mr. Henderson and the Cooperstown Myth Lardner, J. 1950
Nestor of Ball Players Adams, Roger unpublished NY New York
Never Just a Game: Players, Owners, and American Baseball to 1920 Burk, R. F. 1994
Newport Baseball History: America's Pastime by the Sea. Harris, Rick 2014 RI Newport link
Newport Baseball History: America's Pastime in the City By the Sea Harris, Richard 2014 RI Newport
Next Man In: A Survey of Cricket Laws and Customs Brodribb, G. 1995
No, It Wasn't Doubleday! Irwin, W. 1945
Northern Sandlots: A Social History of Maritime Baseball Howell, Colin D. 1995 ONT
Notebooks Chadwick, H.
Observations on the Popular Antiquities of Great Britain: The Origins of our Vulgar and Provincial Customs, Ceremonies and Superstitions Brand, J. 1900 link
Octavius Catto and the Pythians of Philadelphia Casway, J. 2007
Ode to the Baseball Season Crosby, J. 1951
Ohio's First Baseball Game Husman, J. R. 2004 OH
Old Boston Boys and the Games They Played Lovett, J. D. W. 1907 MA Boston link
Organized Sport in Industrial America Betts, J. R. 1952
Origin of the National Game of Baseball Anon. 1889
Origins of Baseball Light, J. F. 1997
Origins of the Baseball Myth Williams, P. 1994
Our Game. Total Baseball Thorn, J. 1995
Our Game: An American Baseball History Alexander, C. 1991
Pastime Lost:The Humble, Original, and Now Completely Forgotten Game of English Baseball Block, David 2019
Peverelly's National Game: Images of Baseball Freyer, J., and Mark Rucker, Ed. 2005
Playing for Keeps: A History of Early Baseball Goldstein, W. 1989
Popular Pastimes for Field and Fireside Smith, C. 1867 link
Primitive Baseball: The First Quarter-Century of the National Pastime Frommer, H. 1988
Quilt Winders and Pod Shavers; the History of Cricket Bat and Ball Manufacture Barty-King, H. 1979
Research Notes on Modern BB in Early IL Kittel, Jeff 2010 IL
Review of Kirsch's 'The Creation of American Team Sports' Seymour, H. 1990
Rhode Island Baseball: The Early Years Harris, Rick 2008 RI link
Richter’s History and Records of Base Ball: The American Nation’s Chief Sport Richter, F. 1914 link
Riot, Revelry and Rout: Sport in Lowland Scotland Before 1860 Burnett, J. 2000
Rounders (Zoerink) Zoerink, D. A. 1966
Rural Games in Libya Gini, C. 1939
Scrapbooks, 1874-1913 Spalding, A. G. 1874
Seventy-five Years on Louisville Diamonds (booklet) Tarvin, A. H. 1940 KY Louisville
Sixty Years of Canadian Cricket Toronto McCulloch, J. 1895 Ontario Toronto link
Slagboldspillenes Historie Maigaard, P. 1940
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Sports in North America: A Documentary History, Volume 3: The Rise of Modern Sports 1840-1860 Kirsch, G. B., ed. 1992
Sports in the Western World Baker, W. J. 1982
Sportsmen and Gamesmen: From the Years that Shaped American Ideas About Winning and Losing and How to Play the Game Dizikes, J. 1981
Start of Play: Cricket and Culture in Eighteenth Century England Underdown, D. 2000
Storied Stadiums: Baseball's History Through its Ballparks Smith, C. 2001
Street Games of Boys in Brooklyn Culin, S. 1891
Superstars and Screwballs: 100 Years of Brooklyn Baseball Goldstein, R. 1991 NY Brooklyn
Taking in a Game: A History of Baseball in Asia Reaves, J. A. 2001
That Strange Yankee Game, Wicket Norton, F. C. 1904 CT
The ABC of Cricket: The History, The Laws, a Glossary of Terms Brayshaw, I. 1985
The American Boys Book of Sports and Games: A Practical Guide to Indoor and Outdoor Amusements Dick, Ed. 1864
The American National Game: Professional and College Base-Ball in the Making Camp, W. 1910 link
The Ancient History of Base Ball Chadwick, H. 1867
The Ball Players' Chronicle Chadwick, H. 1867
The Base Ball Convention of 1857 Hershberger, Richard 2013
The Baseball Archaeologist. In Search of Baseball's Holy Grail: How One Man is Re-writing the History of the Game -- One Diary at a Time Bryan Curtis 2013 link
The Baseball Chronology Charlton, J. 1991
The Baseball Fad in Chicago, 1865-1870 Freedman, Stephen 1978 IL Chicago
The Baseball Hall of Fame 50th Anniversary Book Astor, G. 1988
The Baseball Story Lieb, F. G. 1950
The Baseball Timeline Solomon, B. 1997
The Beginning of Organized Collegiate Sport Lewis, G. 1970
The Birth of Baseball Bonner, M. G. 1930
The Birthplace of Base Ball Birdsall, R. R. 1917 link
The Book of School and College Sports Barbour, R. H. 1904 link
The Celtic Claim to the Grand Old Game Gabriel, J. D. 1988
The Complete Cricketer Knight, A. E. 1906
The Complete History of the Home Run Ribowsky, M. 2003
The Country of the Young: The Meaning of Baseball in Early American Culture Story, R. 2001
The Creation Myths of Cooperstown Gould, S. J. 1989 link
The Creation of American Team Sports: Baseball and Cricket, 1838-1872 Kirsch, G. B. 1989
The Creation of the Alexander Cartwright Myth Hershberger, Richard 2014 link
The Cricket Field Pycroft, J. 1854 link
The Doubleday Myth and Texas Baseball Carroll, J. M. 1989 TX
The Early History of Amateur Base Ball in the State of Maryland, 1858 -1871 Griffith, W. R. 1897
The Early History of Amateur Base Ball in the State of Maryland Griffith, W. R. 1992 MD
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