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Game Targette
Game Family Baseball Baseball
Regions Britain
Eras 1800s
Invented No

Matthew McDowell at the University of Edinburgh reports finding evidence of targette being play in the 1890s on the Scottish island of Bute.

The rules of this game, popular among girls at Rothesay Academy there, are not yet known, but from coverage in the school magazine, it bore a resemblance to cricket: "there are first and second innings, the game is scored in runs, the bowlers attempt to claim wickets off of the batters." The magazine further boasted, "The Targette Club is a leviathan among clubs.  Did you ever hear of a school football club with 80 members in it?" McDowell finds indication that former students and members of the community also participated.

Rothesay is about 30 miles west of Glasgow and just off the mainland of Scotland.  Its current population is about 6,500.

A description of Spier's School in North Ayrshire, Scotland mentions, cryptically, that "a quaint game called targette was played in the early days."   Accessed 2/7/2014.The school is also on the Firth of Clyde in westernmost Scotland. 



Matthew L. McDowell, Sport, Recreation, and Education in Bute, Arran, and Cumbrae, 1850-1900, 2011, pages 10-11.


Any new evidence on the nature and extent of targette play?


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