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Nick Name Star
Earliest Known Date 1865
Location Wheeling, WV, United States
Nine Class Senior

William E. Akin, "West Virginia Baseball: A History, 1865-2000", p. 7, says that in Nov. 1865 the Star and Anchor teams formed in Wheeling. The Hunkidoris organized in 1866. The Hunkidori Club of Wheeling WV is listed in Peverelly [1866]. It may well have formed earlier.

These teams usually played on Wheeling Island, or "the Island." Wheeling has 19,280 residents in 1870.

REORGANIZED -- At a meeting of the “State" base ball club on Saturday evening, the following named gentlemen were elected as officers for the ensuing year: Wm. Beryer, President, James A. McCoy, Vice President, Brady Morgan, Treasurer, Virgil Adams, Secretary. [Wheeling Daily Register, May 14, 1866, per Bill Hicklin] [the name "State" was corrected to "Star' in a later edition--ba]

Akin p. 15 says that by 1867 Wheeling boasted 20 clubs, including the Baltic (the best), Resolute, United, Fly, LaBelle, Actives, Jockey, Columbia, Bachelors, Enterprise, Avalanche, Eagle, Benedicts, National, Muscle, Buckeye, Belmont [a Bellaire Ohio club?] and Champion.


Akin, "West Virginia Baseball"

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Found by Bruce Allardice
Entered by Bruce Allardice
First in Location WV


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