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Bill Humber
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Contributions <p>Bill's paper on the introduction of modern base ball to Canada is at:</p> <p>  </p>
Description <p>William (Bill) Humber continues h <p>William (Bill) Humber continues his never-ending digging into early baseball, a passion dating back to his 1950s boyhood in Toronto. Along with environmental education and advocacy, his formal baseball enthusiasm includes SABR membership since 1978. This year (2018) marks the 40th year of his Seneca College course “Baseball Spring Training for Fans” – a midwinter excuse to talk baseball in a college classroom. Recently announced for induction into Canada’s Baseball Hall of Fame he is author of five books on baseball including, <span style="text-decoration: underline;">Diamonds of the North: A Concise History of Baseball in Canada</span>, from Oxford University Press (1995).  </p> <p>[Provided by Bill, 2/4/2018]</p> >[Provided by Bill, 2/4/2018]</p>
First Name Bill  +
Last Name Humber  +
Regional Focus Canada  +
Type of Digger Human +
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Beachville Deconstruction (The New York Game Comes to Canada) + , Bill Humber, August 2013 + Digger
1854.11 + , Bat in Red River Settlement, Manitoba in 1835 + , Burlington Club of Hamilton Ontario + , Game of Ball and Bat in Halifax (Nova Scotia) on 7 January 1841 + , In Hope on 14 July 1803 + , Playing Ball in Toronto on 13 April 1803 + , Predecessor Game in Huntingdon (Quebec) in 1839 + , Predecessor Game in London (Ontario) in 1856 + , Predecessor Game in Woodstock in 1836 + , Queen City Club of Buffalo v Burlington Club of Hamilton Ontario on 17 August 1860 + , Rounders in London in 1840 + , Rounders in Victoria in 1849 + , Young American Club of Hamilton + , Young Canadians Club of Hamilton + Submitted by


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