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Game Slap Ball -- Brooklyn
Game Family Baseball Baseball
Location Brooklyn
Eras Derivative, Post-1900
Invented No

Slap Ball.  This game taught the esoteric rules of of the game.  It was strickt baseball.


Pitcher pitched on a bounce with flukes.  Ump called balls and strikes -- the ball had to cross the plate in the strike zone.  Bunting and stealing ans pickoffs were permitted.  Hitter could hit the ball with an open hand only.

Note:  You could not steal bases if you did not know how to slide.  Sliding on concrete can be painful.  But if you went to Coney Island and practiced for a good while on the sand , you could learn to slide well enough not to get hurt sliding on concrete.  However, no pair of pants could last more than a game: serious punishment for ruining dungarees.


Communication from Neil Seldman and Mark Schoenberg


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