Sixteen-Inch Softball (No-Glove Softball)

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Game Sixteen-Inch Softball (No-Glove Softball)
Game Family Baseball Baseball
Location Chicago area
Eras Contemporary, Post-1900, Derivative

A 2009 article reports on a game played mostly in Chicago involving a ball of 16” circumference and using no gloves. No other variations are covered. The article is not clear on the local name for the game, but another account calls the large ball a “clincher,” and notes that games were sometimes played in the street. (Note: Line Ball, another Chicago game, also used a large ball.)  It appears that the game generally follows the rules of softball.

Query: Can you supply further details about this game?


M. Davey, “Gloveless Players Hold on to Softball Dream,” New York Times, 9/18/09.

E. Hageman, “The Clincher,” In Gary Land, ed., Growing Up with Baseball (UNebraska, 2004), pages 131-132.


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