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Pre-pro Baseball > United States > South Carolina 7 Games and 105 Clubs

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7 Games and 105 Clubs

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Type / Page Club / Match Date City Borough State First in
Ballgame In Beaufort in 1862 1862 Beaufort SC SC
Ballgame In Seabrook Island on 4 July 1862 1862-07-04 Seabrook Island SC Seabrook Island, SC
Ballgame Team from the 165th NY Infantry v Team from the 47th and 48th NY 1862-12-25 Hilton Head SC Hilton Head, SC
Ballgame In Robertville in 1865 1865 Robertville SC Robertville, SC
Club Palmetto Club of Charleston 1866 Charleston SC SC
Ballgame Palmetto Club of Charleston v Palmetto Club of Charleston 1866-06-26 Charleston SC Charleston, SC
Club Students at U of So. Carolina Club of Columbia 1867 Columbia SC Columbia, SC
Club Kershaw Club of Camden 1867 Camden SC Camden, SC
Ballgame Phil Sheridan Club of Columbia v Chicora Base Ball Club of Columbia 82 - 29 1867-09-09 Columbia SC Columbia, SC
Club Club of Yorkville 1868-07-14 Yorkville SC Yorkville, SC
Club Club of Marion, SC 1868 Marion SC Marion, SC
Club Athletics Club of Spartanburg 1869 Spartanburg SC Spartanburg, SC
Club Club of Conway 1869 Conway SC Conway, SC
Club Rising Sun Club of Beaufort 1869 Beaufort SC Beaufort, SC
Club Edisto Base Ball Club of Orangeburg 1869 Orangeburg SC Orangeburg, SC
Ballgame In Anderson in 1870 1870 Anderson SC Anderson, SC
Club Jasper Club of Moultrieville 1871 Moultrieville SC Moultrieville, SC
Club Newberry Base Ball Club 1871 Newberry SC Newberry, SC
Club Nowlan Base Ball Club of Winnsboro 1871 Winnsboro SC Winnsboro, SC
Club Palmetto Club of Branchville 1872 Branchville SC Branchville, SC
Club Club of Cokesbury 1873 Cokesbury SC Cokesbury, SC
Club Club of Abbeville 1873 Abbeville SC Abbeville, SC
Club Lone Star Club of Brunson 1873-05 Brunson SC Brunson, SC
Club Cambridge Club of Ninety Six 1874 Ninety Six SC Ninety Six, SC
Club Club of Barnwell 1874 Barnwell SC Barnwell, SC
Club Athletic Club of Blackville 1874 Blackville SC Blackville, SC
Club Club of Darlington 1874 Darlington SC Darlington, SC
Club Club of Cheraw 1874 Cheraw SC Cheraw, SC
Club Club of Mullins 1874 Mullins SC Mullins, SC
Club Palmetto Club of Walterboro 1874 Walterboro SC Walterboro, SC
Club Club of Mount Pleasant 1874 Mount Pleasant SC Mount Pleasant, SC
Club Eureka Club of Florence 1874 Florence SC Florence, SC
Club Lone Star Club of Varnville 1874 Varnville SC Varnville, SC
Club Club of Sullivan's Island 1874-08-04 Sullivan's Island SC Sullivan's Island, SC
Club Chicora BBC Club of Allendale 1874-08-17 Allendale SC Allendale, SC
Club Club of Williamston, SC 1875 Williamston SC Williamston, SC
Club Athletic Club of Aiken 1875 Aiken SC Aiken, SC
Club Crescents Club of Bamburg 1875-06 Bamburg SC Bamburg, SC
Club Jefferson Davis Club of Chester 1875-07 Chester SC Chester, SC
Club Club of Grahams 1875-09 Grahams SC Grahams, SC
Club Club of Pickens 1876 Pickens SC Pickens, SC
Club Club of Anderson 1877 Anderson SC Anderson, SC
Club Club of Pendleton 1877 Pendleton SC Pendleton, SC
Club Club of Central, sC 1877 Central SC Central, SC
Club Resolute Club of Greenville 1877-07-19 Greenville SC Greenville, SC
Club Peerless Club of Pickens Court House 1878 Pickens Court House SC Pickens Court House, SC
Club Capadura Club of Georgetown 1879 Georgetown SC Georgetown, SC
Club Palmetto Club of Sumter 1881 Sumter SC Sumter, SC

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