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Pre-pro Baseball > United States > Rhode Island 2 Games and 84 Clubs

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2 Games and 84 Clubs

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Games, Clubs, Predecessor Games, Fields


Type / Page Club / Match Date City Borough State First in
Club Aurora Base Ball Club of Providence 1857-03 Providence RI RI
Club State Normal School Club of Bristol 1859-10-04 Bristol RI Bristol, RI
Ballgame Brown University Club of Providence v Harvard Base Ball Club of Harvard 17 - 27 1863-06-27 Providence RI RI
Club Actives Club of Pawtucket 1866 Pawtucket RI Pawtucket, RI
Club U.D. Club of Newport 1866 Newport RI Newport, RI
Club Star Club of Wakefield 1867 Wakefield RI Wakefield, RI
Club Ashaways Club of Rhode Island 1867 Ashaway RI Ashaway, RI
Club Emmets Club of Westerly 1867 Westerly RI Westerly, RI
Club Athletics Club of Cranston 1868 Cranston RI Cranston, RI
Club Neptune Club of Coventry Centger 1868 Coventry RI Coventry, RI
Club Narragansetts Club of Crompton 1868 Crompton RI Crompton, RI
Club Wide Awakes Club of Burrillville 1868 Burrillville RI Burrillville, RI
Club Monitor Club of Phenix 1868 Phenix RI Phenix, RI
Club Friendly Club of Valley Falls 1868 Valley Falls RI Valley Falls, RI
Club Mutual Club of Smithfield 1868 Smithfield RI Smithfield, RI
Ballgame Excelsiors v Seasides 25 - 58 1869-06-25 Newport RI Newport, RI
Club Narragansett Club of Warren 1870 Warren RI Warren, RI
Club Wide Awakes Club of Peace Dale 1870 Peace Dale RI Peace Dale, RI
Club Silver Heels Club of Natick 1871 Natick RI Natick, RI
Club Woonsockets 1875 Woonsocket RI Woonsocket, RI
Club Monitors Club of Berkley 1875 Berkley RI Berkley, RI
Club Atlas B.B.C. Club of East Greenwich 1875 East Greenwich RI East Greenwich, RI
Club Commercials Club of Narragansett 1875 Narragansett RI Narragansett, RI
Club Emmets Club of Londsdale 1875 Londsdale RI Londsdale, RI
Club Eureka BBC Club of Olneyville 1875 Olneyville RI Olneyville, RI
Club O.K.'s Club of Smill Hill 1875 Smill Hill RI Smill Hill, RI
Club Rollstones Club of Nasonville 1875 Nasonville RI Nasonville, RI
Club Club of Hope 1875 Hope RI Hope, RI
Club White Stockings Club of River Point 1876 River Point RI River Point, RI
Club Club of Watch Hill 1877 Watch Hill RI Watch Hill, RI
Club Mayflowers Club of Potowomut 1877 Potowomut RI Potowomut, RI
Club Union Club of Quidnick 1877 Quidnick RI Quidnick, RI
Club Club of Clyde 1877 Clyde RI Clyde, RI
Club Fair Oaks Club of Wyoming 1877 Wyoming RI Wyoming, RI
Club Club of Laurel Hill 1881 Laurel Hill RI Laurel Hill, RI
Club Club of Chepachet 1883 Chepachet RI Chepachet, RI
Club Aetna Club of Pawuxet 1884 Pawuxet RI Pawuxet, RI
Club Club of Rumford 1884 Rumford RI Rumford, RI
Club Dry Finishing R.M. Club of Riverside 1886 Riverside RI Riverside, RI
Club Club of Sackonesset 1886 Sackonesset RI Sackonesset, RI
Club Club of Georgiaville 1886 Georgiaville RI Georgiaville, RI
Club Unions Club of Union Village 1886 Union Village RI Union Village, RI
Club Club of Greenville, RI 1886 Greenville RI Greenville, RI
Club Aetnas Club of Mt. Pleasant 1886 Mt. Pleasant RI Mt. Pleasant, RI
Club Club of Harrisville 1886 Harrisville RI Harrisville, RI
Club Moshassucks Club of Saylesville 1886 Saylesville RI Saylesville, RI
Club Club of Jamestown 1889 Jamestown RI Jamestown, RI
Club Club of Mapleville 1890 Mapleville RI Mapleville, RI
Club Club of White Rock 1893 White Rock RI White Rock, RI
Club Club of Kenyon 1894 Kenyon RI Kenyon, RI
Club Club of Wickford 1894 Wickford RI Wickford, RI
Club Club of Lafayette 1894 Lafayette RI Lafayette, RI
Club Club of Wood River 1894 Wood River RI Wood River, RI
Club Club of Shannock 1894 Shannock RI Shannock, RI
Club Club of Carolina 1894 Carolina RI Carolina, RI
Club Foxes Club of Manville 1894 Manville RI Manville, RI

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Newport Baseball History: America's Pastime in the City By the Sea Harris, Richard 2014 RI Newport
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