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"A Good Many Different Kinds of Ball"  +
$1000 paid for a release  +
$2,500 for the release of a minor league player  +
'American League' floated as the name of a combined league  +
'Balls Days' in the Year AD 1858  +
'Boss' Cammeyer  +
'Boss' Hulbert forbids an exhibition game  +
'Bridegrooms' nickname  +
'Deacon' Whites' nickname  +
'George Wright style' of fielding  +
'Good and Bad Umpiring' and time of game  +
'Hired Med vs. Gate Money'  +
'Jim Crow' and a German team  +
'Knur and Spell' and Allied Games  +
'Many Exciting Chases After the Ball: 19th Century Base Ball in Bismarck, Dakota Territory'  +
'Martin's' twists  +
'Martinizing'  +
'Mr. Umpire'  +
'Old Fashioned Base Ball' in Western New York, 1825-1860  +
'Oscar Wilde' BBCs  +