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Up-to-date reflections on how and why Abner Doubleday and Alexander Cartwright seem to have been accorded inventor status for base ball, which, evidence increasingly shows, actually progressed by incremental evolutionary means.  +
A single page of this book is devoted to the pre 1870 period, and two more pages treat a local clubs that played before 1880 in the International League and then [starting in 1879] in the young National League.  +
reprinted by Amereon, 1993.  +  +
This source has not been evaluated. According to a 2005 EBay offering, it tells how "Base Ball exploded with enthusiasm across northeast Ohio in 1867."  +
This book has not been obtained as of Nov. 2013.  +
Information from a terse EBay offering , 2005.  +
The first 60 pages of this book cover the context in which the Boston Club arose, including the rise and fate of the Massachusetts game and the initial MA clubs playing by Association rules.  +
John Zinn is compiling accounts of base ball in all of New Jersey up to 1870. He periodically posts essays on what he is finding on this site. He is now completing his search of all recorded NJ newspaper coverage in this era.  +
This spiral-bound booklet was listed on EBay in 2004, but has not been obtained by Protoball. It was said to have a chronology from 1856 on.  +
This paper was presented in various stages to the Fly Creek Historical Society (2010), and the Friends of the Cooperstown Library (2011).  +
A 45-minute film on the history of base ball in Hawaii.  +
reprinted by Pennsylvania State University Press, 1983  +
published in book form, 1996  +
republished by Porcupine Press, Philadelphia, 1975  +
Geographical and decadal coverage unknown as of 11/2013.  +
Produced in DVD by Golden Age, 1999  +