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Online Bibliography

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A listing of resources that can be accessed online

Thorn, John (2015) "The Making of a New York Folk Hero". 2. (Up-to-date reflections on how and why Abner Doubleday and Alexander Cartwright seem to have been accorded inventor status for base ball, which, evidence increasingly shows, actually progressed by incremental evolutionary means.)
Anson, A. C. (1900) A Ball Player’s CareerCountry=. Chicago, Era Publishing. (reprinted by Amereon, 1993.)
Zinn, John () A Manly Pastime -- A Blog by John Zinn. (John Zinn is compiling accounts of base ball in all of New Jersey up to 1870. He periodically posts essays on what he is finding on this site. He is now completing his search of all recorded NJ newspaper coverage in this era.)
Johnson, Drew (2013) America's 50th Home Run. Vimeo. (A 45-minute film on the history of base ball in Hawaii.)
Spalding, A. G. (1911) America’s National Game: Historic Facts Concerning the Beginnings, Evolution, Development and Popularity of Base BallCountry=. New York, American Sports Publishing Company. (reprinted by University of Nebraska Press, 1992)
Mayhew/Baker, e. (1858) Base BallCountry=. A Manual of Cricket and Base Ball, With Rules and Regulations Illustrated. Boston, Mayhew and Baker: 20 - 24.
Ward, J. M. (1888) Base-ball: How to Become a PlayerCountry=. Philadelphia, The Athletic Publishing Company. (SABR reprint, 1993)
Knowles, R. G., and Richard Morton (1896) Baseball in AmericaCountry=. Baseball: The "Oval" Series of Games. London, George Routledge and Sons, Ltd: 82 ff.
Peverelly, C. (1866) Book of American Pastimes, Containing a History of the Principal Base Ball, Cricket, Rowing and Yachting Clubs of the United StatesCountry=. New York, privately printed. (reprinted in 2005 as Peverelly's National Game, John Freyer and Mark Rucker, eds., Arcadia)
Harris, Rick (2012) Brown University Baseball. Book. History Press. (Base Ball started at Brown University in the 1860s. Protoball doesn't yet know how much of the book covers the Origins Era -- up to 1871.)
Routledge, E., ed. (1881) Every Boy's Book; A Complete Encyclopedia of Sports and AmusementsCountry=. London, George Routledge and Sons. (Fourteenth Edition; First edition 1841)
Anon (2009) History of Baseball in Portland OR. (An East Portland club that formed in May 1866 was the first club in the Pacific NW. The narrative then skips to the first pro team in 1883.)
Anon () Juab County (UT) Information for Students. (This site describes a 5-hour game played by teams of nine in October 1875. The players had send to New York for a rule book, but played before the book arrived. The score of the game was 87-17. The winning team was to receive a "quarter of beef." This game was said to have been the first played in Utah, and likely the first west of the Mississippi. No sources for the account are given.)
Harris, Rick (2014) Newport Baseball History: America's Pastime by the Sea.. History Press. (The story of baseball in Newport, Rhode Island. Protoball doesn't yet know how much of the book treats the Origins Era, up through 1871.)
Harris, Rick (2008) Rhode Island Baseball: The Early Years. Book. History Press. (Most of the book's coverage of the Origins Era are in Chapter 1 ("Before Baseball"), pages 21-26, and Chapter 2 ("Notes on the Development of the National Pastime"), pages 27 - 37.)
Pycroft, J. (1854) The Cricket FieldCountry=. London, Longman, Brown, Green and Longmans.
Fred H. Harrison (1983) The Hard-Ball GameCountry=. Phillips Academy. (This is chapter 2 of Harrison's Athletics for All: Physical Education and Athletics at Phillips Academy 1778-1978 (Phillips Academy, 1984). It describes ballplaying at the Academy from 1811 to 1878.)
Phelps-Stokes, I. N. (1915) The Iconography of Manhattan Island, 1915 - 1928Country=. New York, Robert H. Dodd. (reprinted in 1967 by Amo)
Seymour, G. D. (1909) The Old-Time Game of Wicket and Some Old-Time Wicket Players.Country=US 2. Papers and Addresses of the Society of Colonial Wars in the State of Connecticut. 269-303.
Gomme, A. B. (1964) The Traditional Games of England, Scotland, and Ireland, Volume 2Country=. New York, Dover. (reprint -- original publication 1898)


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