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Nick Name Nininger Base Ball Club
Earliest Known Date Monday, August 3, 1857
Location Nininger, MN, United States
Modern Address Nininger Township, Dakota County

Nininger Base Ball Club, Minnesota Territory.---The first Base Ball Club established in Minnesota was organized at Nininger City, Dakota County, on the 8th of August, by the election of Geo. H. Burns, president, and A.W. MacDonald, secretary and treasurer. The rules of the Base Ball Convention were adopted, and the first regular game was played on the 15th inst., in the presence of a large number of spectators. The members meet every afternoon for practice, and propose at an early day to extend a challenge to the "whole West." A magnificent level prairie, constituting a portion of Messrs. Donnelly & Burns' "addition to Nininger City," has been leased by the club, and, even without the improvements which are contemplated, presents a field which would excite a cricketer's admiration. We hope soon to chronicle similar organizations in the same neighborhood.

Note: Emigrant Aid Journal claims club was organized on August 3rd, and played inter-squad games on August 8 and 15, although no scores were recorded. Nininger, a real estate venture of politican Ignatius Donnelly and some of his Philadelphia friends never grew very large and was abandoned in the economic panic of 1857. Nininger Township, in Dakota County, north of the present day city of Hastings is all that remains to remind us of Nininger.

Nininger MN is about 20 miles SE of St. Paul and 25 miles SE of Minneapolis.


Porter's, Aug. 29, 1857

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Found by Rich Arpi
First in Location MN
Entry Origin Sabrpedia

Win/Loss Records As Far As We Now Know

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Year Games Wins Losses Ties
1857 2 Played 0 Won 0 Lost 0 Tied


Page Date City Borough State Team 1 Team 2 Score First in Contributor
Ballgame 1857-08-08 Nininger MN Nininger Base Ball Club Inter-squad MN Rich Arpi
Ballgame 1857-08-15 Nininger MN Nininger Base Ball Club Inter-squad Rich Arpi

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