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Pre-pro Baseball > United States > New Hampshire 22 Games and 55 Clubs

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22 Games and 55 Clubs

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Type / Page Club / Match Date City Borough State First in
Ballgame 1858-04 Peterborough NH NH
Club Union Base Ball Club of Fisherville 1858-06-08 Fisherville NH NH
Club Mulberry Green Base Ball Club of Alton 1858-06-09 Alton NH Alton, NH
Club Club of Keene 1860 Keene NH Keene, NH
Club Granite Base Ball Club of Manchester 1860-05-04 Manchester NH Manchester, NH
Club Contoocook Club of Hopkinton 1860 Hopkinton NH Hopkinton, NH
Club Lightfoot Club of Northwood 1860 Northwood NH Northwood, NH
Club Club of Somersworth 1860 Somersworth NH Somersworth, NH
Club Club of Barrington, NH 1860 Barrington NH Barrington, NH
Club Club of Bow Lake Village 1860 Bow Lake Village NH Bow Lake Village, NH
Club Club of Rochester, NH 1860 Rochester NH Rochester, NH
Club Club of Deerfield, NH 1860 Deerfield NH Deerfield, NH
Club Club of Farmington, NH 1860 Farmington NH Farmington, NH
Club Granite Club of Swansey 1866 Swansey NH Swansey, NH
Club Granite State Club of New Hampton 1866 New Hampton NH New Hampton, NH
Ballgame Rockinghams Club of Portsmouth v Whipple Club of Kittery 20 - 67 1866-07-23 Portsmouth NH Portsmouth, NH
Club Rockinghams Club of Portsmouth 1866-07-23 Portsmouth NH Portsmouth, NH
Club Club of Dartmouth College 1866-09 Hanover NH Hanover, NH
Club Kearsarge Club of Concord 1866-09 Concord NH Concord, NH
Club Parker Club of Brookline 1867 Brookline NH Brookline, NH
Club Union Club of Hinsdale 1867 Hinsdale NH Hinsdale, NH
Club Pennichuck Club of Nashua 1867 Nashua NH Nashua, NH
Club Pioneer Club of Lancaster 1867 Lancaster NH Lancaster, NH
Ballgame Rockinghams Club of Portsmouth v Gonics Club of Rochester 35 - 31 1867-09-12 Dover NH Dover, NH
Ballgame Pennichuck Club of Nashua v North Star Club of Milford 18 - 42 1867-09-12 Nashua NH Nashua, NH
Club North Star Club of Milford 1867-09-12 Milford NH Milford, NH
Ballgame Granite Club of West NH v Una Club of Keene 18 - 52 1867-11-13 West Swanzey NH West Swanzey, NH
Ballgame Clipper Club of Manchester v Hunky Dory Club of Nashua 11 - 11 1869-05-29 Manchester NH Manchester, NH
Club Natticooks of Thornton's Ferry 1869-09-03 Merrimack NH Merrimack, NH
Ballgame Natticooks of Thornton's Ferry v Resolute Base Ball Club of Nashua 11 - 69 1869-09-04 Merrimack NH Merrimack, NH
Club Champion Club of Orford 1870 Orford NH Orford, NH
Club Eagle Club of Peterborough 1870 Peterborough NH Peterborough, NH
Club Clique Club of Hillsboro Bridge 1870 Hillsboro NH Hillsboro, NH
Club Eureka Club of Newport 1870 Newport NH Newport, NH
Club Greenwood Club of New London 1870 New London NH New London, NH
Ballgame Stars of Milford v Appleton Academy of New Ipswich 25 - 32 1870-09-28 Milford NH Milford, NH
Club Women's Club of Pittsfield 1874 Pittsfield NH Pittsfield, NH

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