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First Name Monica
Last Name Nucciarone
Special Interest Alexander Cartwright
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Monica Nucciarone has been contributing to a new documentary about base ball in Hawaii.  The film, by former Boston University student Drew Johnson, touches on the influence of base ball on the political evolution of Hawaii, starting with 1840s ballplaying there as introduced by missionaries.  Drew notes that Japanese baseball, as well as the US game, was part of the later story of Hawaiian baseball.

Monica Nucciarone  is following up on her authoritative book on Alexander Cartwright, has contributed to a forthcoming documentary about 19C baseball in Hawaii, and is writing her second book, on Cartwright’s daughter-in-law, Princess Theresa.

“The Cartwright Conundrum:  Fact and Fiction of Cartwright’s Baseball Legacy” was the subject of a poster session by Monica Nucciarone at the SABR 36 convention.  She is in the rewrite phase of her treatise on Alexander Cartwright, and may present some results at the St. Louis SABR convention.  She spent part of last April doing research in Hawaii.

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