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Pre-pro Baseball > United States > Maryland 28 Games and 136 Clubs

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28 Games and 136 Clubs

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Games, Clubs, Predecessor Games, Fields


Type / Page Club / Match Date City Borough State First in
Club Excelsior Club of Baltimore 1858 Baltimore MD MD
Ballgame Excelsior Club of Baltimore v Excelsior Club of Baltimore 1860-03-30 Baltimore MD MD
Ballgame Captain Mitchell's Nine v Lt. Dennson's Nine 32 - 12 1861-12-25 Sandy Point MD Sandy Point, MD
Club Ozenies Club of Chestertown 1865 Chestertown MD Chestertown, MD
Club Club of Hagerstown 1865-05-31 Hagerstown MD Hagerstown, MD
Club Alert Club of Cumberland 1865-09-15 Cumberland MD Cumberland, MD
Club Eclipse Club of Elkton 1866 Elkton MD Elkton, MD
Club Rising Sun Club 1866 Rising Sun MD Rising Sun, MD
Club Bohemia Club of Chesapeake City 1866 Chesapeake City MD Chesapeake City, MD
Club Eureka Club of West Nottingham 1866 West Nottingham MD West Nottingham, MD
Club Laurel Base Ball Club of Laurel 1866-05 Laurel MD Laurel, MD
Club Annapolis Club of Annapolis 1866 Annapolis MD Annapolis, MD
Club Patapsco Club of Westminster 1866 Westminster MD Westminster, MD
Club Carroll Club of Uniontown 1866 Uniontown MD Uniontown, MD
Club Calvert Club of New Windsor 1866 New Windsor MD New Windsor, MD
Club Wide Awake Club of Crumpton 1866 Crumpton MD Crumpton, MD
Club First Kent Club of Chesterville 1866 Chesterville MD Chesterville, MD
Club Kent Club of Galena 1866-09-15 Galena MD Galena, MD
Ballgame Undaunted Club of Fredericktown MD v Kent Club of Galena 21 - 74 1866-09-15 Fredericktown MD Fredericktown, MD
Club Chesterfield Club of Queen Anne County 1867 Queen Anne County MD Queen Anne County, MD
Ballgame Choptank Club of Trappe v Fair Play Club of Easton MD 31 - 32 1867 Trappe MD Trappe, MD
Club The Dorchester Club of Milton 1867 Milton MD Milton, MD
Club Excelsior Club of Sudlersville 1867 Sudlersville MD Sudlersville, MD
Club Avalanche Club of Cecil County 1867 Cecil County MD Cecil County, MD
Ballgame Chester Club of Preston v Senora Club of Greensboro 46 - 60 1867 Preston MD Preston, MD
Ballgame Choptank Club of Trappe v Fair Play Club of Easton MD 85 - 47 1867 Easton MD Easton, MD
Club Chesterfield Club of Centreville 1867 Centreville MD Centreville, MD
Club St. Timothy's Club of Catonsville 1867 Catonsville MD Catonsville, MD
Club Club of Havre de Grace 1867 Havre de Grace MD Havre de Grace, MD
Ballgame Wissahiccon Club of Chestertown v Independent Club of Chestertown 97 - 15 1867-03-30 Chestertown MD Chestertown, MD
Club Meteor Club of Cecilton 1867-04-13 Cecilton MD Cecilton, MD
Ballgame Avalanche Club of Cecil County v Kent Club of Galena 28 - 30 1867-04-22 Galena MD Galena, MD
Club Choptank Club of Preston 1867-05-30 Preston MD Preston, MD
Club Senora Club of Greensboro 1867-06-20 Greensborough MD Greensborough, MD
Club Presto Club of Federalsburg 1867-07-25 Federalsburg MD Federalsburg, MD
Club Chesapeake Club of West River 1867 West River MD West River, MD
Club Continental and Church Hill Club of Carroll County 1867 Carroll County MD Carroll County, MD
Club Maryland Club of Kennedyville 1867 Kennedyville MD Kennedyville, MD
Club Towson Club of Towson 1867 Towson MD Towson, MD
Club Mount Washington Club of Baltimore County 1867 Mount Washington MD Mount Washington, MD
Club Montgomery Base Ball Club of Rockville 1867 Rockville MD Rockville, MD
Club Claiborne Club of St. Michaels 1867 St. Michaels MD St. Michaels, MD
Club Recreation Club of Millersville 1867 Millersville MD Millersville, MD
Club Independent Club of Bladensburg 1867 Bladensburg MD Bladensburg, MD
Club Excelsior Club of Frederick 1867 Frederick MD Frederick, MD
Club Star of Friendship Club of Anne Arundel County 1867 Anne Arundel County MD Anne Arundel County, MD
Club Fair Play Club of Easton MD 1867-09-12 Easton MD Easton, MD
Club Union Club of Farmington 1869 Farmington MD Farmington, MD
Club Club of Salisbury 1869 Salisbury MD Salisbury, MD
Club Club of Darnestown 1869 Darnestown MD Darnestown, MD
Club Scorers Club of Cambridge 1869 Cambridge MD Cambridge, MD
Club Eagle Club of Hughesville 1873 Hughesville MD Hughesville, MD
Club Potomac Club of Nanjemoy 1873 Nanjemoy MD Nanjemoy, MD
Club Rival Club of Port Tobacco 1874 Port Tobacco MD Port Tobacco, MD
Ballgame 1874 Morganza MD Morganza, MD

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