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Game Leik Mjul
Game Family Baseball Baseball
Location Estonia
Regions Europe
Eras Predecessor
Invented No

Isak Lidström, a doctoral student at Malmö University, reports that in studying the isolated island of Runö in the Baltic Sea, he found a game called "leik mjul" ["play ball"] among the Swedes there prior to World War II.

One source suggests that the game came to the island in the 1840's when a ship from England was stranded, and that perhaps the game evolved from rounders.

Isak is preparing a paper on the find for publication, and Protoball plans to update this entry at a later time.




Emails from Isak Lidström and David Block, 2016-7.

Isak's paper is found at http://kgaa.nu/tidskrifter/bok/arv-2017.  Once at this site, click on the "Ladda ned Arv 2017" link.  The article is written in English.  


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