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Pre-pro Baseball > United States > Kentucky 21 Games and 87 Clubs

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21 Games and 87 Clubs

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Games, Clubs, Predecessor Games, Fields


Type / Page Club / Match Date City Borough State First in
Club Louisville Base Ball Club 1858 Louisville KY KY
Ballgame Louisville Base Ball Club v Louisville Base Ball Club 52 - 41 1858-06-18 Louisville KY Louisville, KY
Club Unnamed club Club of Dayton 1859 Dayton KY Dayton, KY
Club Kentucky Base Ball Club of Newport 1860-07-25 Newport KY Newport, KY
Club Paducah Club of Paducah 1866 Paducah KY Paducah, KY
Club Covington Base Ball Club 1866-07-28 Covington KY Covington, KY
Club Eagle Club of Brooklyn, KY 1866-09-08 Brooklyn KY Brooklyn, KY
Ballgame Covington Base Ball Club v Live Oak Club of Cincinnati 28 - 21 1866-09-15 Covington KY Covington, KY
Club Shelby Club of Shelbyville 1866 Shelbyville KY Shelbyville, KY
Ballgame Covington Base Ball Club v Holt Base Ball Club of Newport 19 - 4 1866-10-17 Florence KY Florence, KY
Club Club of Owensboro 1867 Owensboro KY Owensboro, KY
Club American Club of Georgetown 1867 Georgetown KY Georgetown, KY
Club Eclipse Club of Lexington 1867 Lexington KY Lexington, KY
Club Pee Wee Club of Henderson 1867 Henderson KY Henderson, KY
Club Club of Milton, KY 1867 Milton KY Milton, KY
Ballgame 1867 Frankfort KY Frankfort, KY
Ballgame 1867 Henderson KY Henderson, KY
Ballgame 1867 Lexington KY Lexington, KY
Ballgame 1867 Bowling Green KY Bowling Green, KY
Club Active Club of La Grange 1867 La Grange KY La Grange, KY
Club Little Giant Club of Ruddels Mills 1868 Ruddels Mills KY Ruddels Mills, KY
Club Crescent Club of Cynthiana 1868 Cynthiana KY Cynthiana, KY
Club Lone Star Club of Millersburg 1868 Millersburg KY Millersburg, KY
Club Waverly Club of Paris 1868 Paris KY Paris, KY
Club Valley Club of Frankfort 1868-08 Frankfort KY Frankfort, KY
Club Ludlow Club of Ludlow 1868 Ludlow KY Ludlow, KY
Ballgame Charleston MO v Club of Hickman 59 - 25 1869-10 Hickman KY Hickman, KY
Club Club of Hickman 1869-10-08 Hickman KY Hickman, KY
Club Arctic Club of Petersburg 1870 Petersburg KY Petersburg, KY
Club Parlor Grove Club of Taylorsport 1870 Taylorsport KY Taylorsport, KY
Club Athletes Club of Versailles 1870 Versailles KY Versailles, KY
Club Forest Queen Club of Maysville 1870 Maysville KY Maysville, KY
Club White Oaks Club of Falmouth 1870 Falmouth KY Falmouth, KY
Club Wide Awake Club of Harrodsburg 1870 Harrodsburg KY Harrodsburg, KY
Club Prewit Club of Danville 1870 Danville KY Danville, KY
Club Club of Mt. Sterling, KY 1874 Mt. Sterling KY Mt. Sterling, KY
Club Omega Club of Hartford 1875 Hartford KY Hartford, KY
Club Sweet Gum Deadeners of Hopkinsville 1875 Hopkinsville KY Hopkinsville, KY
Club Club of Caseyville 1882 Caseyville KY Caseyville, KY
Ballgame Club of Hindman v Club of Hazard 6 - 13 1889 Hazard KY Hazard, KY
Club Club of Hazard 1889 Hazard KY Hazard, KY
Club Club of Hindman 1889 Hindman KY Hindman, KY

Related Bibliography

Title Author Date State City Online Link Origins Study Group
Chapter 1: Beginnings. From Amateur Teams of Disgrace in the National League Bailey, Bob 1999 KY Louisville
Draft Chapter on Beginnings of Ballplaying in KY Bailey, Bob 1990 KY Louisville
Seventy-five Years on Louisville Diamonds (booklet) Tarvin, A. H. 1940 KY Louisville