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Game Irish Rounders
Game Family Baseball Baseball
Location Ireland
Regions Britain
Eras Derivative, Post-1900, Contemporary
Invented No

A communication received from Peadar O Tuatain describes what is known of the ancient game of Irish Rounders. Details of the old game are apparently lost to history, but some rules encoded in 1932 were used for a revival in 1956, and the revival version, which resembles baseball much more than it does English rounders, is still being played. It employs a hurling ball and a game comprises five three-out innings. The game is played without gloves and, perhaps unique among safe-haven games, batted balls caught in the air are not outs.


“Irish Rounders,” email from Peadar O Tuatain to L. McCray, January 30 2002.

Also note Howard Burman's 2013 report at  

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1361 days ago
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Quick note on "unique:" in modern Schlagball, batted balls caught on the fly with one hand are worth a point to the fielding team, but are not outs.

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