In Singapore in 1868

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Date of Game 1868
Location Singapore, Singapore

Seymour, "The People's Game" vol. 3, p. 304: "In 1868 a team from the American frigate Piscataqua won a game probably played at Singapore against a team from the British China squadron." The Americans won 66-28. Seymour suggests that many of the English navy sailors were Americans or had experience with the American game already.

More certainly, on Dec. 20, 1948, the Dallas Morning News (under the headline "Men of U.S. Fleet Land at Singapore") report: "The seamen have basketball and baseball games scheduled with local teams." This hints that baseball teams already were established there.

More certainly, Singapore Free Press, March 7, 1893: "An exhibition game of American baseball took place under adverse weather circumstances upon the Esplanade yesterday." Two teams from the USS Marion, Capt. Gridley. The Blues beat the Whites, 9-7. The article gives the name of the players on each side, and also gives a lengthy explanation of how baseball is derived from British games.


Seymour, "The People's Game" vol. 3, p. 304

Singapore Free Press, March 7, 1893

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Found by Bruce Allardice
Entered by Bruce Allardice
First in Location Singapore
Players Locality Non-local


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