In Kathmandu in 1889

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Date of Game 1889
Location Kathmandu, Nepal

The Cleveland Plain Dealer, May 26, 1907, under the title "First Game of Baseball Played in India," relates the story of one "T. McDermot," an ex-British army soldier of the Gordon Highlanders. McDermot relates that his unit viewed the Spalding tour game in Ceylon in 1889, and (inspired by this) members of the unit soon played a game at their new station, Kathmandu (now, capitol of Nepal). Both whites and natives (Gurkhas) played.

The Wikipedia article, "Nepal National Baseball Team," says baseball was introduced in Nepal in the 1980s.


The Cleveland Plain Dealer, May 26, 1907

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Found by Bruce Allardice
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First in Location Nepal
Players Locality Local


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