In Guam in 1908

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Date of Game 1908
Location Guam

Spickard et al., eds., "Pacific Diaspora" pp. 100-101 says that by the 2nd decade of naval rule of Guam [which started in 1898] "the Navy had established a Guam Baseball League." The first players were naval personnel, but [quoting the Guam Newsletter, Nov. 1912] "It will surprise most Americans to see how thoroughly the Chamorro people have learned the game." See also the Guampedia,, article on baseball.

Some sources claim a 1908 start for baseball in Guam.

In 1945 US soldiers and their Japanese prisoners on Guam both played baseball. See Wolter, "Prisoner of War Baseball in World War II."


Spickard et al., eds., "Pacific Diaspora" pp. 100-101; Guampedia

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Found by Bruce Allardice
Entered by Bruce Allardice
First in Location Guam
Players Locality Non-local


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