Honey Run Town Ball Club of Germantown v Marion Town Ball Club of Germantown on 24 November 1859undefined

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Date of Game Thursday, November 24, 1859
Game Town Ball
Location Germantown, PA, United States
Home Team  Add Club Page Honey Run Town Ball Club of Germantown
Away Team  Add Club Page Marion Town Ball Club of Germantown
Score 75 74
Has Source On Hand No
Innings 2
Number of Players 20
NY Rules No - Predecessor

"The games of base ball and town ball by many are preferred to cricket. In the way of town ball, the people of Germantown profess an ability to beat any other players that can be produced. To give color to their pretensions, the Germantowners are getting up a grand match of town ball, to take place on the afternoon of Thanksgiving day, at the corner of Queen street and plank road. The Marion and Honey Run Ball Clubs, of Germantown, are the contestants. Each club will consist of twenty practical players. The National Band is engaged for the occasion, and should the weather prove favorable, many ladies will probably be present. The match will be interesting. First ball to be given at 1 ½ o’clock. Umpires and a referee have been appointed, and there will doubtless be a good time among the lovers of this invigorating sport."

[North American and United States Gazette (Philadelphia), November 21, 1859]

Taken from protoball article, "What was town ball?"

For more on town ball in Philadelphia and vicinity (Germantown is today a part of Philadelphia), see Richard Hershberger article in "Base Ball" and on ourgame.mlblogs.com. Hershberger adds the Balsch and Charter Oak TBCs of Germantown to the Honey Run and Marion. A Germantown TBC was formed Jan. 12, 1860. See NYC, Jan. 28, 1860.  

For an early town ball game in Germantown, see the New York Clipper, Sept. 19, 1857, a nine-a-side game in which Keyser's side outscored Schaeffer's 99-78.


Richard Hershberger article at ourgame.mlblogs.com

Iroquois, “Out-Door Sports: Base Ball: Town Ball at Germantown, Pa.,” Wilkes’ Spirit of the Times, vol. 1, no. 14 (10 Dec 1859), p. 214, col. 3 New York Cllipper, Dec. 3, 1859


(Wilkes’ Spirit of the Times: “A grand match of town ball came off in this town ….  Each Club consisted of twenty players.  In spite of the cold north-west wind which swept through the fields, there were about fifteen hundred persons present.  The National Cornet Band was engaged, which enlivened the spectators with their soul-stirring and national music.  The game commenced at two o’clock and ended at five. …  This is the closest game on record.  …  The greatest excitement prevailed after the result was heard.  Stephen Coulter, the old warrior and President of the Honey Run, was lifted from the ground and borne by the excited crowd to the platform, where he delivered a few words in behalf of those present.  The Honey Run now stand champions of Philadelphia County in playing town ball.”)

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