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Type / Page Club / Match Date City Borough State First in
Ballgame 7th US Cavalry v 19th Kansas 1869 Fort Sill OK OK
Ballgame Musical Nine of Fort Gibson v Merry Nine of Fort Gibson 15 - 25 1871-04-30 Fort Gibson OK Fort Gibson, OK
Club John R. Brooke Club of Camp Supply, I.T. 1873-10-03 Camp Supply OK OK
Ballgame 1875 McAlester OK McAlester, OK
Club Oklahoma Club of Atoka 1876-07 Atoka OK Atoka, OK
Club Club of New Boggy 1877-08-29 Boggy Depot OK Boggy Depot, OK
Club Club of White Water 1878-06 White Water OK White Water, OK
Club Club of Muscogee 1878-08 Muscogee OK Muscogee, OK
Club Club of Krebs 1882 Krebs OK Krebs, OK
Ballgame Club of Krebs v Club of Savanna, OK 35 - 4 1882-07-04 Krebs OK Krebs, OK
Club Club of Savanna, OK 1882-07-04 Savanna OK Savanna, OK
Club Club of Tahlequah 1882-09 Tahlequah OK Tahlequah, OK
Ballgame Schoolboy nine v Town nine 1884-02 Vinita OK Vinita, OK
Club Club of Vinita 1884 Vinita OK Vinita, OK
Ballgame Scullyville club v Short Mountain club 16 - 54 1884-09-11 Scullyville OK Scullyville, OK
Club Club of Fort Reno 1885 Fort Reno OK Fort Reno, OK
Ballgame Reno club v Agency Club 1885-07-04 Darlington OK Darlington, OK
Club Club of Prairie City 1886 Prairie City OK Prairie City, OK
Club Lone Star Club of McAlester 1886 McAlester OK McAlester, OK
Club Club of Russell Creek 1886 Russell Creek OK Russell Creek, OK
Club Club of Melrose, OK 1887 Melrose OK Melrose, OK
Club Club of Chouteau 1887 Chouteau OK Chouteau, OK
Club Club of Bartlesville 1888 Bartlesville OK Bartlesville, OK
Club Blues Club of Fort Gibson 1888 Fort Gibson OK Fort Gibson, OK
Club Club of Guthrie 1889 Guthrie OK Guthrie, OK
Club Club of Oklahoma City 1889 Oklahoma City OK Oklahoma City, OK
Club Club of Adair 1890 Adair OK Adair, OK
Club Club of Norman 1890 Norman OK Norman, OK
Club Club of Noble 1890 Noble OK Noble, OK
Club Chickasaw Club of Purcell 1891 Purcell OK Purcell, OK
Club Club of Stillwater, OK 1891 Stillwater OK Stillwater, OK
Ballgame Jennison Pirates Club of Oklahoma City v Chickasaw Club of Purcell 1891-06-19 Oklahoma City OK Oklahoma City, OK
Club Base Ball Club of Ardmore 1891 Ardmore OK Ardmore, OK
Club Club of Wynnewood 1891 Wynnewood OK Wynnewood, OK
Club Club of Tulsa 1893 Tulsa OK Tulsa, OK
Club Hard Hitter Club of Mulhall 1894 Mulhall OK Mulhall, OK
Club Club of Enid 1894 Enid OK Enid, OK
Club Club of Kingfisher 1895 Kingfisher OK Kingfisher, OK