Empire Club of New Orleans v Louisiana Club of New Orleans on 12 August 1859

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Date of Game Friday, August 12, 1859
Location New Orleans, LA, United States
Home Team Empire Club of New Orleans
Away Team Louisiana Club of New Orleans
NY Rules Likely

The first “match” game in New Orleans between two different clubs was played August 12, 1859 between the Empire and Louisiana Base Ball Clubs, won by Empire [Times-Picayune, August 13, 1859].

The prewar Empire Base Ball Club had as captains Alex Dapremont (1832-1906), a local bookseller, and TN-born John Benjamin Chandler (1826-1897), a railroad paymaster. Dapremont served as Lt. in the Confederate army. Chandler was a Mexican War veteran.

The 1859 Louisiana BBC had as its captains Florida-born Charles W. Pescay (1828-87), a grocer, sailor and salesman who moved to Houston after the Civil War and died there, and J. H. Jones. Pescay, a Confederate army veteran, is buried in Lafayette Cemetery, New Orleans. "Jones" is probably NY-born John Huntington Jones (1827-98), who owned the "Iron House" Restaurant in New Orleans. He returned to the North at the start of the Civil War and later catered the Manhattan Club in NYC. He died in Providence, RI.

The Lone Star BBC, organized Sept. 15, 1859, elected as president William F. Tracey (1843-1924), a plasterer and postwar plumbing inspector. He served as Private, 1st Louisiana Infantry, CSA.


Times-Picayune, August 13, 1859. Bios from research by Bruce Allardice.

Found by Bruce Allardice
Entered by Bruce Allardice
First in Location LA First match game between two different clubs in LA.
Players Locality Local
Entry Origin Sabrpedia



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See also Bruce Allardice, "The Inauguration of this Noble and Manly Game Among us. The Spread of Baseball in the South Prior to 1870," Base Ball, Fall 2012.

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