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Game Danish Longball
Game Family Baseball Baseball
Location Canada, Australia
Eras Contemporary
Invented No

This game resembles other northern European safe-haven games like lapta.  Batters bat, then run to a single distant base, trying to return as later batters have their turns.

Some unique aspects of this game are that only one (good) pitch is allowed, and the batter runs whether the ball is hit or not; multiple runners can occupy the single base if they don't think they can reach home safely; once a runner leaves the runing base, he/she cannot return; fielders cannot run with the ball; a three-out-side-out rule obtains, except for the case of a caught fly, which immediately retires the in team; runners are out if tagged, or plugged below the knee.

This game is apparently played today in Canada and Australia.  The paper does not discuss the origins or history of the game.


Joy Butler, et. al., "Danish Longball: A Novel Game," Physical and Health Education (Autumn 2007), pages 29-33.  Submitted by Brian Sheehy, 12/19/12.


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