Club of USS Olympia v Army and Navy teams in May 1898

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Date of Game May 1898
Location Manila, Philippines
Home Team  Add Club Page Club of USS Olympia
Away Team  Add Club Page Army and Navy teams

Gerris, "Sport and the American Occupation of the Philippines" p. 147 says Admiral Dewey's sailors played various army  and navy clubs from May to October 1999 in Manila. A Manila Baseball League flourished 1899-1902.

Baseball arrived in the Philippines with Commodore George Dewey in May 1898. After sinking the Spanish fleet in Manila Bay and taking over Cavite Naval Base, the Olympia‘s team, the Diamond Diggers, played the first Army-Navy game on Philippine soil. I could not find out who won. [Jennifer Hallock website]

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Found by Bruce Allardice
Entered by Bruce Allardice
First in Location Philippines
Players Locality Non-local


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