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Nick Name Club of New Orleans
Earliest Known Date 1857 -- Original date: "1850s"
Location New Orleans, LA, United States

From PBall Entry #1850s.4 – New Orleans LA: Clubs Formed by German and Irish immigrants to play Baseball

"Beginning in the 1850's, the Germans and the Irish took up the sport [baseball] with alacrity. In New Orleans, for example, the Germans founded the Schneiders, Laners, and Landwehrs, and the Irish formed the Fenian Baseball Club. . . . Baseball invariably accompanied the ethnic picnics of the Germans, Irish, French, and, later, Italians.


Open Issue: Can we determine when the Irish club, and any others, were first established, and whether they played by Association rules?


Per Benjamin G. Rader, American Sports: From the Age of Folk Games to the Age of Spectators [Prentice Hall, Englewood Cliffs, 1883], page 93. No source provided.

Found by Larry McCray
First in Location LA
Entry Origin Sabrpedia


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1751 days ago
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An Orleans Base Ball Club is mentioned in the New Orleans Daily Crescent, Jan. 31, 1860 and Feb. 20, 1860.


1544 days ago
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I've searched New Orleans newspaper for mentions of the Fenians, Landwehr, Schneiders and Laners. While there are mentions of German picnics with "sports" as early as 1857, the teams named above appear to be POST-Civil war. The Landwehr is first mention in the NOTP 7-14-1884; the Schneiders, 8-11-84. A Fenian club was organized 5-17-1879 (NOTP 5-18-79), and another Fenian Club is mentioned in 1874 (NOT 8-24-74). There was no Laner club, per se. Gus Laner was president of the R. E. Lee BBC in 1874.

This doesn't prove such teams didn't exist in the 1850s, but Rader's book cannot be confirmed.

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