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Game Bittle-Battle
Game Family Hook-em-snivy Hook-em-snivy
Eras Predecessor
Invented No

A game called bittle battle is mentioned (but not described) in the 1086 Domesday Book in England. Some have claimed that this game resembled Stoolball.

[A] In fact, Gomme [1894] defines Bittle-Battle as “the Sussex game of ‘Stoolball.’”

[B] Similarly, Andrew Lusted reports that an 1875 source lists bittle battle as "another word for stoolball," 

[C] Lusted also finds an 1864 newspaper account that makes a similar but weaker claim:  "Among the many [Seaford] pastimes were bittle-battle, bell in the ring, . . . "


On the Domesday Book s-See Protoball Chronology #1086.1

[A.] Gomme, Traditional Games of England, Scotland, and Ireland, Volume 1 (Dover Press,  New York, 1964 -- orig. 1898), page 34.

[B] Lusted, Andrew, Girls Just Wanted to Have Fun, 2013, page 3, citing Rev'd W. D. Parish, Dictionary of the Sussex Dialect, 1875.

[C] Lusted, op. cit., page 28.  The source is the Sussex Advertiser, June 21, 1864.

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