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Game Anauligatuk
Game Family Scrub Scrub
Location Canada
Regions Rest of World
Eras Post-1900
Invented No

"Anauligatuk or mukpaun is played on a court of two wooden bases, approximately ten feet in length, spaced from 70 to 100 feet apart.  A single batter stands at one of the bases and faces a pitcher and a group of fielders.  The ball is thrown, the batter hits the ball and tries t run to the opposite base and back before the ball can be fielded and returned.  If the ball is returned before the runner reaches 'home,' he is out and is replaced by the fielder who made the successful throw. The game is not limited to sex and age group and is played in some contexts such that one team is pitted against another"

The author here is describing Inuit games.



Kendall Blanchard, The Anthropology of Sport (Bergin and Garvey, 1995), page 150.


These rules are similar to those of cricket and single-wicket cricket.  When the number of players is limited, is seems likely that it could take the form of a non-team, or scrub form of game.  

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