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The End for the Massachusetts Game?

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Tags Pre-modern Rules

"The Massachusetts Base Ball Association, composed of clubs playing what is know [sic] as the Massachusetts game, has been broken up, and most of the clubs are now practicing the National game."


Boston American Traveler, July 20, 1867.


Bob Tholkes, 5/6/2021:  "Didn't know there was a funeral announcement."

Richard Hershberger, 5/6/2021: "I don't know of any report of the association meeting or otherwise showing any sign of life after the war."

In a 5/9/2021 search, Protoball doesn't find one after 1866 either.

Note: Protoball has an 1868 clipping of a throwback game (28 innings, score 24-23) played by Mass rules.  See https://protoball.org/Clipping:The_Mohawk_Club_reverts_to_amateur.


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Might the New England Base Ballist, still alive in 1868, show more about the final passing on the game?

All in all, does the Mass Game differ in major ways from English Base Ball as we now understand it?

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Submitted by Bob Tholkes
Submission Note Email of 5/6/2021


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