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Wicket Seen on Boston Common . . . But Never on Sunday (No Strolling, Either)

Salience Noteworthy
Tags Bans
City/State/Country: Boston, MA, United States
Game Wicket

"Close of the 17th century: . . . The Common was always a playground for boys - wicket and flinging of the bullit was much enjoyed . . . . No games were allowed to be played on the Sabbath, and a fine of five shillings was imposed on the owner of any horse seen on the Common on that day. People were not even to stroll on the Common, during the warm weather, on Sunday."



Samuel Barber, Boston Common: A Diary of Notable Events, Incidents and Neighboring Occurrences (Christopher Publishing, Boston, 1916 - Second Edition), page 47.


Note: This book is in the form of a chronology. Barber gives no source for the wicket report.

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