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Game Welsh Baseball
Game Family Baseball Baseball
Location Wales, UK
Regions Britain
Eras Derivative
Invented No


Author Martin Johns describes Welsh baseball as having evolved from rounders, and having been re-named baseball in 1892. It has been largely confined to Cardiff and Newport, and further to the working-class sections of those towns. Sixty neighborhood clubs were playing in 1921, and five Cardiff schools formed a baseball league in 1922.

In 2015, the Welsh Baseball website at http://www.welshbaseball.co.uk/ lists eight clubs in a Premier League, several of them evidently providing summer sport for local soccer clubs. 

This game uses a smaller ball than is found in US baseball, and features a flattened bat, underhand pitching, eleven-player teams, no foul ground, an all-out-side-out rule, and two-inning games.

Note: in 1927, the rules for Welch baseball and Liverpool baseball were evidently combined.  See "British Baseball" at http://protoball.org/British_Baseball and at http://protoball.org/British_Baseball_(Welsh_Baseball)


For a history of Welsh baseball, see http://www.welshbaseball.co.uk/history/history/journal/. Included is Martin Johnes, "'Poor man's Cricket': Baseball, Class and Community in South Wales, c.1880 - 1950." International Journal of the History of Sport' volume 17, number 4 (December 2000). 

George Vecsey, "Playing Baseball in Wales," New York Times, August 11 1986.

Kevin O'Brien - www.welshbaseball.co.uk

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