Boston Red Stocking players v Philadelphia Athletics players in 1874

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Date of Game 1874
Location England
Home Team  Add Club Page Boston Red Stocking players
Away Team  Add Club Page Philadelphia Athletics players

"Baseball in the British Isles started in 1874, when the Boston Red Stockings, winners of America's professional championship the summer before, traveled to England with the Philadelphia Athletics to introduce baseball to Britons.." Games were held in "such cities as London, Dublin, Liverpool and Manchester."

Josh Chetwynd, Baseball in Europe (McFarland, 2008), page 87.

Query: We have seen, somewhere, reference to an attempt by US ex-pariots to establish regular baseball play in England. Was this before or after 1874? In 2006, we know that there was youth baseball in Surrey. Had there been earlier teams and leagues of native Englishpersons?

First in Location England
Players Locality Non-local
Entry Origin Sabrpedia


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