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Base Ball Firsts
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Waff's Game Tabulation

Awaiting Review
First Date City State
Diamonds are a Game's Best Friend 1834 Boston MA
First Known Use of the Term "Town Ball" 1834-06-14 Springfield IL
Olympics Specify Umpire 1837 Philadelphia PA
Foul is Fair 1845-09-23 NYC NY
Brooklyn 22, New York 1: The First-Ever "Modern" Interclub Match 1845-10-11 Brooklyn NY
Umpires 1, Players 0 1846-06-19 Hoboken NJ
Knicks Play NYBBC in First Recorded Match Game 1846-06-19 Hoboken NJ
First Printing of Knickerbocker Rules 1848 NYC NY
First Reported Scholastic Cricket Clubs 1848 Philadelphia PA
Knicks Sport First Uniform 1849-04-24 NYC NY
The Beginning of Match Play Among Organized Clubs 1851-06-03 NYC NY
First Interscholastic Ball Game 1853 Andover MA
The First Base Ball Reporters - Cauldwell, Bray, Chadwick 1853 NYC NY
First Compensated Player 1854 NYC NY
Finally, Cricket Played Here (by Aduls) Without English Immigrants! 1854-08 NYC NY
First Interclub Second Nine Play 1854-11 Hoboken NJ
First Junior Base Ball Club Founded 1855 Newark NJ
First Publishing of Rules 1855-04-29 NYC NY
First Crowd Count 1855-09 NYC NY
First Mention of Fastball Pitching 1855-09-22 Jersey City NJ
First Designation of "Best" Club 1855-09-22 NYC NY
First Ball of the Base Ball Clubs Attracts 200 Couples 1856-01 NYC NY
First Recorded Base Stealing 1856-08-07 NYC NY
First Use of Two Catchers on One Team? 1856-08-30 Hoboken NJ
First Scholastic Play under the Knick Rules 1856-11 NYC NY
First Published Use of "steal" 1857-02-07 NYC NY
First Baseball Attendance of a Thousand or More 1857-07-09 Hoboken NJ
First Game Image 1857-09-12 NYC NY
The First Vintage Games? 1857-10 NYC NY
Slide, Webber, Slide 1857-10-10 NYC NY
Backing Up Begins at Short 1857-12-26 NYC NY
First Note of Catcher Playing Close to Batter 1857-12-26 NYC NY
First Prep School Interscholastic Play 1858 Bloomfield NJ
First Base Ball Sheet Music 1858 Buffalo NY
First Recorded College Game at Williams College 1858-05-29 Williamstown MA
First Admission Fee for Baseball 1858-07 GNYC NY
First Complaint about Organized Baseball 1858-12-01 United States
First Female Play of Modern Base Ball? 1859 Perth Amboy NJ
First African-American Games 1859 Brooklyn NY
Proto-Sports Bar 1859 NYC NY
First Triple Play 1859-04-16 Brooklyn NY
First distance-estimated home run 1859-06-28 Brooklyn NY
First Note of Pitcher Covering First 1859-06-30 Hoboken NJ
First Fly Baseball Game 1859-06-30 Hoboken NJ
First Reference to Change-of-Pace Pitching 1859-07-03 NYC NY
First Industrial Game Reported 1859-07-20 Hoboken NJ
Canadian New York Rules Club Reported 1859-08-06 Toronto Ontario
First Recorded Hidden Ball Trick 1859-10 Brooklyn NY
First Intercollegiate Game by Association Rules 1859-11-03 New York NY
Intercollegiate Game, Possibly the First Played by New York Rules 1859-11-03 NYC NY
First Statistical Fruit 1859-12-10 NYC NY
Chadwick's Beadle's Appears, and Baseball Literature is Launched 1860 NYC NY
First Enclosed Ballpark 1860 Philadelphia PA
Batting Cage Debuts 1860-04 NYC NY
You Take It - I've Got It 1860 NYC NY
First Recorded Pickoff of Runner 1860-05-20 Brooklyn NY
First Tour Ever- Excelsiors Conduct Undefeated Western NY Road Trip. 1860-07 NY
First International Game Played by New York Rules 1860-08 Clifton Ontario
Shut Out Reported as the First Ever; Excelsiors 25, St. George Nine 0 1860-11-08 Hoboken NJ
First Known Shutout 1860-11-08 Hoboken NJ
First Game Slated for a Gold Mining Town 1860 Mariposa CA
First Game Played on Ice Skates 1860 Brooklyn NY
First Mention of Hand Protection in Baseball 1860-12-25 Philadelphia PA
First 6-4-3 Noted 1861-08-17 Newark NJ
First Note of Brushback Pitching 1863-10-17 NYC NY
Traps 1864-06-25 Newark NJ
First Known Deliberate Bunts 1864-09-15 Brooklyn NY
First Photo of Big-Time Ball Game 1865 Newburgh NY
First Known Integrated (Adult) Club Takes the Field 1865 Florence MA
Note: Clubs Need Two Pitchers 1865-06-10 Brooklyn NY
First Baseball Tournaments 1865-07-04 Portland ME
First Post-Game Newspaper Interview? 1865-08-19 Brooklyn NY
Baseball Players' Age and Weight Reported 1865-08-24 Brooklyn NY
Baseball on the Stage 1865-09 NYC NY
Barnstomers 1866 Dover NJ
First Known Table-top Base Ball Game 1866 United States
Twenty-Five Cent Admission Fees 1866-08 Brooklyn NY
First Known Lady Umpire 1866-08-30 Morrisania NY
First Known Example of a Table-top Base Ball Game 1866-12-08 NY NY
Nationals Inaugurate Western Tours 1867 Washington DC
Signs Go Back To At Least 1867 1867 United States
Batters' "Hits" First Appear in a Game Report 1867-06-06 NYC NY
Upset Gives Western Clubs First win vs. the East 1867-07-25 Rockford IL
First Known Use of "Homer" to Reference a Home Run 1868-08-06 NY NY
Cincinnati Club Forms as First All-Professional Nine 1869 Cincinnati OH
First Black-White Game 1869 Philadelphia PA
First Inter-Racial Game 1869-09-03 Philadelphia PA
First Use of Sptball 1869-10 Baltimore MD
Slugging Stat Arrives in Early Form 1869-12-04 NYC NY
1870 1870 Chicago IL
Cincinnati Club Introduces 50-cent Admission Fee 1870 Cincinnati OH
First Switch Hitter 1870-06-14 Brooklyn NY
First mention of Negro Baseball in Arkansas 1873-08-08 Little Rock AR
First Night Game Played Under Lights 1880-09-02 Nantasket MA
First night game under lights in Arkansas 1894-07-13 Little Rock AR
First recorded game between two different non-white races 1905 CA
First team of Japanese Immigrants to US 1919 Salt Lake City UT
First Colored World Series 1924-10-03 Philadelphia PA
"Sound" Baseball Played at Ohio School for the Blind 1939 Columbus OH
First Televised Baseball Game: Princeton 2, Columbia 1 1939-05-17 New York NY
First Major League Game Televised 1939-08-26 New York NY
First televised World Series 1949-10 New York NY
First Game at the North Pole 1960-08-25 North Pole
First Games Played by Unsighted Players 1964 Colorado Springs CO
First Game On Both Starting Pitchers' Birthdays 2012-05-03 Cincinnati OH
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