Ballgame in Spain in 1889

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Awaiting Review
Date of Game 1889 Year is approximate
Location Spain
NY Rules Likely

Cubans apparently showed baseball to Spaniards. "When A. G. Spalding put together his 1888-1889 baseball world tour, Spain was a serious candidate for an exhibition because of its ties to the game. 'Thee isn't a good base-ball town' on the Continent, unless Barcelona and Madrid be excepted, whither the game has been imported from Cuba,' explained a 6 April 1889 article in Harper's Weekly." [The tour eventually omitted Spain.]

Josh Chetwynd, Baseball in Europe (McFarland, 2008), page 61.

Query: Can we find articles in Madrid and Barcelona with details about baseball there in the 19th century? Was it played by Cubans, bu Spaniards, or both? Did Cuban newspapers cover play in Spain? Can we see why and when the game died out in Spain?

First in Location Spain
Players Locality Local
Entry Origin Sabrpedia


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