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Game Sun and Planet
Game Family Baseball Baseball
Regions Britain
Eras 1800s
Invented No

In describing an indoor form of Stool Ball played in case of wet weather, an 1891 source adds:  "It is sometimes called Sun and Planet." 

The game is was often played with no fielders: "Sometimes there are scouts, but as a rule, the players all take stools [arranged in a circle] except the bowler, who is allowed to bowl out, catch out, and throw out just as at cricket."   

The article continues, "In the south of England Stool Ball is an outdoor game.  It is played in Sussex with a bat like a wooden battledore, and a wicket like a small notice board, the wicket being about six inches square, and the stick on which it is attached is about a foot from the ground.  The wicket is still called the stool so as to show its origin.  The same game is played indoors, when the wicket is merely a copy-book cover, a sheet of paper fixed to the wall in target fashion."  


J. G. Wood, The Boy's Modern Playmate: A Book of Sports, Games. and Pastimes (Frederick Warne and Co, London and New York, 1891), page 159.





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Do we know of other accounts of "Sun and Planet?"  A quick internet search in 2021 did not find the game.

Do  we know much about indoor play of stool ball??  About stool-ball versions for youths?

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