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Game Schlagball
Game Family Baseball Baseball
Location Germany
Regions Europe
Eras 1700s, 1800s, Pre-1700, Post-1900

“German Schlagball (‘hit the ball’) is similar to rounders.” No other clues to schlagball are provided.

Other unverified sources state that schlagball evolve as early as the 1500s.

The game certainly features pitching and hitting.  Rules for running and scoring, and the presence of bases, are to be learned.  One write-up compares schlagball to lapta stating that while the running base in lapta is a line, in schlagball runners proceed along a series of discrete bases.

Query: Can you advise Protoball about how schlagball is like baseball, and how it differs?



Endrei, W., and Laszlo Zolnay, Fun and Games in Old Europe. Budapest, (Corvina Klado, 1986).

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