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|Type of Date=Year
|Type of Date=Year
|Is No Later Than=Yes
|Is No Later Than=Yes
|First Newspaper Mention=1/1/1874
|First Newspaper Mention=1874/01/01
|First Newspaper Mention Date Type=Year
|First Newspaper Mention Date Type=Year
|City=Virginia City
|City=Virginia City

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Nick Name O'Shaughnesseys
Earliest Known Date 1874
Location Virginia City, NV, United States

The Virginia City "Territorial Enterprise", Sept. 2, 1874: "Base Ball--A match game of base-ball was played at Carson on Sunday afternoon [Aug. 30] between the Silver Stars of that City and the O'Shaughnesseys of Virginia..."

Virginia City NV (1870 pop. about 7,000; 1880 pop. about 11,000) is about 10 miles NE of Carson City. Its current pop is about 850.

Carson City NV (1870 pop. about 3,000; 1880 pop. about 4,200)is about 360 miles NW of Las Vegas and about 125 NE of Sacramento CA.

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Found by Bruce Allardice
Entry Origin Sabrpedia


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