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Game Half-Rubber (Half-Ball)
Game Family Fungo Fungo
Location US. South
Regions US
Eras Post-1900, Derivative

Thomason (1975) recalls Half-Rubber as a 1930s school recess game involving a sponge-rubber ball sliced cleanly in half and a sawed-off broomstick as a bat. Thrown side-arm, the ball had good movement, and was difficult to field. There was no running, but outs and innings were recorded and (virtual) base advancement depending on the lengths that the ball was batted. A 1997 newspaper article recalls a similar game recalled as Half-Ball being played in the Philadelphia area.

This game emerged in a bout 1910 in the SC/GA area of the south, and retained strong popularity into the 1970s.


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Brian Howard, “Wild in the Streets,” City Paper June 5, 1997, http://archives.citypaper.net/articles/060597/article077.shtml.

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